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Barbara's Office Environment — See her "Tiger Wall" of cross-stitch embroideries that took thousands of hours to stitch over a period of several years.

Book Manuscript Formatting Tips: Essential info for proper manuscript formatting to avoid  typesetting and eBook design and conversion problems.

How to Self-Publish a Book: Your Print-on-Demand (POD) Self-Publishing Options, with Perspective on eBook Editions.

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The website of Barbara Brabec
author and self-publisher, book manuscript editor, and author's consultant

Self-employed at home for most of her adult life, Barbara Brabec continues to move in new directions as an author and self-publisher, book manuscript editor, and author's consultant. This site reflects her professional and personal interests, philosophy, and beliefs.

The Healing Power of Friendship and Love. This is a Brabec Bulletin sent to subscribers in March. A sample of what you're missing by not subscribing to Barbara's monthly newsletter.

Home-Business Industry Research and Reports. Barbara's research on the history of both the crafts industry and the general home business industry.

Tired of Being Fat? How to Finally Lose that Unwanted Weight. The life-changing weight-loss secrets Barbara learned from eight months’ experience on Weight Watchers (with 32 pounds lost) may be just the push you need to finally get serious about a diet and stick with it. This 3-page article includes tips and strategies for dieters in general, as well as for current and former WW members. (Many diet resources in the sidebars.)


Will You Still Be Working in Your Seventies? Barbara's story about retirement planning that includes the simple financial exercise that changed her life and the way she now looks at work itself. It might change your retirement outlook too.

Memorial Pages

A Widow's Thoughts and Advice—Barbara's continuing series of articles for widows and other grieving hearts.


ATTENTION HOME-BUSINESS OWNERS: Waiting until the last minute in April to think about your taxes is a big mistake. Use Barbara's popular Schedule C tax strategies book to make sure you've remembered every deductible expense for your current year's return.

 Barbara's classic tax 
strategies guide for Schedule C filers.

How to Get a Handle on Your Schedule C Deductions and Work with an Accountant.


Hear Barbara read excerpts from several chapters of The Drummer Drives!

a pair of Harry's rosewood drumsticks

BARBARA AND HARRY BRABEC—partners in both life and business for nearly 44 years. See THE DRUMMER DRIVES, Barbara's memoir of their unusual and adventurous musical life together.