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Types of Manuscripts Invited

I LOVE BOOK EDITING, and have done this full time for several years. But since I am now focusing on my own book writing and publishing projects, I am accepting only a couple of editing jobs a year. At this time, only the following types of manuscripts are invited:

Memoirs and Biographies
Books for the Christian Marketplace
Novels that are uplifting in nature

     In nonfiction, I prefer to edit and critique manuscripts that relate to my lifetime of experience and mirror my personal interests, passions, and Christian beliefs, as reflected throughout this website.

     As a lifelong reader of popular fiction, I am highly qualified to edit and critique novels and skilled in writing dialogue (a problem for most first-time authors).

I ALSO critique manuscripts that aren't yet ready for editing, and offer telephone consultations with authors who need guidance in getting started as a self-publisher.

As my satisfied clients confirm, I offer much more than mere editing services to the authors I choose to work with. (See below for some of the interesting and unusual books I've enjoyed editing, with links to the author's comments about my editing services.)

"Barbara puts her whole heart and mind into helping authors be at their best." - Michael Dinius, author of Targeting Teamwork

"I felt as though I had struck gold when I found Barbara on the Internet." Faith Stoddard, author of My Life With Tourette Syndrome

If you'd like to work with me, do query me as instructed on the following page and perhaps our schedules will allow us to work together. If your book falls into a category other than those above, I will be happy to refer you to a highly qualified editorial associate of mine who will welcome your inquiry.

STYLE MANUAL USED: The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Ed.,
(the standard style guide used by the majority of trade book publishers).

Editing Options and Fees

SEE THE NEXT PAGE for information about your two book editing options and fees, how to request a quote, or chat with me for a few minutes to get answers to any questions you may have about working with me.

NOTE: If you think your manuscript may need some major rewriting or reorganization of content before it's ready for editing, check my BOOK MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUING service, which if used could substantially cut your editing costs.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines
and Editing with Tracking

MS WORD MANUSCRIPTS ARE REQUIRED for the electronic editing I do with tracking, and authors are expected to know how to accept or reject changes I've tracked and respond to editing queries in comment notes within the manuscript.

Note that I am still using MS Word 2003 because this software is perfect for writing eBooks and also enables me to do my own typesetting. So far, I've had no problems in working with authors who are using the latest versions of this program.

TIP: In preparing a manuscript for editing or eBook conversion, it is best to save it as a .doc file rather than a .docx file because many self-publishers have reported conversion errors with Word documents saved with the .docx extension.

Book Manuscript Formatting Tips:
Important Guidelines for Authors Who Are
Self-Publishing POD Books or eBooks

Says one reader, "Your Book Manuscript Formatting Tips advice is outstanding . . . the best and most helpful on the Internet."  

About Electronic Editing and Tracking: Some editors on the Web prefer to work with a printed copy of a book manuscript, which means the author has to duplicate all the changes made on the paper copy. Electronic on-screen editing, however, is not only easier and faster for the editor—resulting in a lower editing fee—but a great time-saver and learning experience for the author.

See my article, Electronic Editing—A Great Way to Learn How to Improve Your Writing. It also explains how I work with my author clients and the support and extra help they get from me during and after the editing work is done. As my satisfied clients attest, I always give authors more than they expect to receive.

Some interesting Books I've edited:

A Clash of Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage through the Grace Guarantee,
     by Michael C. Kapler (currently in the publication process)
The Truth about Us—The Gospel as You've Never Heard it Before, by Tandy-Lynn Williams
Tibby and the Haunting of Beggar's Swamp; also Book One in the series, The Adventures of
      Tibby: Nature's Awesome Extraterrestrial Guardian
, by Mark McCall
Targeting Teamwork: Building and Sustaining Excellence, by Michael Dinius
Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where
     We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go,
by John Horvat II
My Life With Tourette Syndrome: Just a "Tic" Away from Divine Intervention,
     by Faith Stoddard
Two Groves of Trees: A Story of Love and Second Chances, by Linda Winter-Hodgson
Meditate and Declare: A Journey with the Apostle Paul, by Lynn Dehnke
God's Truth or the Liberal Lie: America at the Crossroads, and Find Happiness! How to
     Fill the Void in Your Life,
by Shawn Smith
Of Shadows and Footprints: The Memoir of a Man Who Spent Fifty Years Battling His Innerz,
     Demons, by Joe Bell
Among the Ukrainians, by Peter Shirt
2012 Conservative Election Handbook, Everything You Need to Know to Elect Conservatives
     to Public Office,
by Craig Copeland
Purpose-Centered Public Speaking, by Dr. Gary Rodriguez
Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing, by Jay Levinson/James Dillehay/Marcella Vonn Harting
Asperger's, God and Me—Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, by Bryan West

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