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The Musical Life and Times of Harry Brabec, Legendary Chicago Symphony Percussionist and Humorist.

 Homemade Money (two-volume edition) - Starting Smart! and Bringing in the Bucks! (2003, M. Evans)  

Creative Cash How to Profit from Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills, and Related Know-how. (6th ed., 1998, Prima Publishing)

The Crafts Business Answer Book & Resource Guide Answers to Hundreds of Troublesome Questions About Starting, Marketing & Managing a Homebased Business Efficiently, Legally &Profitably.  (1998, M. Evans)

Handmade for Profit! Hundreds of Secrets to Success in Selling Arts & Crafts. (2002, 1996, M. Evans)

Make It Profitable! How to Make Your Art, Craft, Design, Writing or Publishing Business More Efficient, More Satisfying, and More Profitable. (2000, M. Evans)



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Readers and reviewers are calling Barbara Brabec's first memoir, The Drummer Drives! . . .

"Wonderfully well written" . . . "meticulously crafted" . . .  "a great read and an amazing journey" . . .  and "a gem of a book" . . . that "reveals Barbara Brabec's considerable talent as a story teller." (Read a summary of reviews here.)

Of Barbara's Home Business books, reviewers have said they are . . .

". . .full of rock-solid advice" (, "user friendly, and packed with helpful information" (Crafting for Profit).

They offer "incredible value, realistic advice and inspiration" (The Bloomsbury Review), and are "guaranteed to leave few, if any, of your questions unanswered" (The Skinflint Entrepreneur)

They are ". . . written in an easy-to-read conversational style with a sprinkling of home-business humor to make the medicine go down (Natural Life), and "so easy to read that learning about even technical subjects seems painless" (Svoboda's Home & Small Business Reporter).

Brabec's research and ideas "go far beyond the usual suggestions" (McCall's), combining "inspirational prose with practical tips"(Publishers Weekly).

Her use of real-life experiences collected from other home-based entrepreneurs "serve to encourage, caution against pitfalls, and often prompt a chuckle or two" (The Star Phoenix). She "uses individual profiles to enhance the many areas of business she writes about, and in such a charming way you are captivated by the stories as well as the professional advice" (Montclair Craft Guild).

Her friendly, no-nonsense tips are "good medicine for both the novice homebased business owner and the accomplished entrepreneur seeking fresh insight" (Entrepreneur).

Barbara's writing style is "personal, chatty and informal, which makes it easy for the reader to continue reading, even when other tasks are calling" (The Crafts Report). "It's like listening to a funny, savvy aunt over a nice cup of tea, not plodding through a dry, daunting textbook" (PACC News)

She is "both inspirational and cautionary" (Mothers Matter), "a rare and talented teacher and writer who can combine enthusiasm and encouragement with the cold hard truth. She will save her reader from many expensive mistakes, but never at the cost of shattering someone's dream" (Folk Arts Quarterly).

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