What Barbara's Readers Have Said About Her Newsletter

"Read Barbara's newsletter! It's full of information you didn't even know you need till you read it!" - Betty Chypre, Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages

"I always enjoy a lift in attitude after I read your words of wisdom." - Myra Dorman

  "Thank you for your newsletter, which is both enjoyable and empowering."  - Anelia Mclaughlin

"I love your newsletter! It feels so real--it's like hearing from a friend who just happens to know all this great stuff about home businesses. You tell us all when something goes wrong with your computer, and how you fixed it. You share resources you've tested and love and business information we need to know. And the little inspirational tidbits and humor--it all wraps up into a very neat little gift that I really look forward to receiving." - Susan Scheid, Small Biz Community, LLC

"What a blessing to see you thrive and grow in new directions since experiencing the loss of your husband. I can see your personal faith and sincere desire to help others coming through every email or newsletter. Thank you for continuing to bless everyone you meet, either in person or Internet." - Lupe Gonzales Hoyt

"Love your newsletter! And I've read, re-read, and re-re-read all of the books I have of yours. It seems like any question I can think of is answered in those books! " - Shawnna Carney

"Thank you so much for the love that you pour into writing it your newsletter and sharing it with all of us. It is a blessing to read, as well as uplifting."  - Suzi LaCoste, Angelworks Jewelry

"You have such encouragement and wisdom in your writing. You are a great inspiration." -  Joanne Hill,

"Unlike most newsletters I get, yours packs a wallop in just a few minutes -- informative, sad, glad, and inspirational. You are such a darn good writer-- both businesslike and personal." - Sylvia Hourihane.

"Thank you for your wisdom and great help to those of us learning how to manage a business. May God bless you." - Deborah M.

"I'm here with you because you have integrity and offer sure-fire help to us small business folks who are nutty enough to pursue our dreams."  - Kay M.

"Just a little letter to say hi and let you know what an impact you have had on my pursuing a career in the craft industry. When I think of you, I get so inspired to not give up! Thank you for all your help and knowledge and for taking the time to write your books and newsletters."  - Julie C.

"I just read your year-end update to subscribers and was struck with the overview. Reading it all at once in summary like that, I realized what AMAZING odds you've plowed through these past few years. You've been given the flexibility to stay in there, regroup, and then the strength to pull it off. What a testimony! God is definitely leading you somewhere important."  - Elizabeth B.

"There's a whole segment of business people who are in situations similar to yours. I'm glad you are willing and able to share your experiences in such a straightforward manner, rather than succumbing. It's hard for anyone to do it all, and harder yet to accept that realization. Thank you for all the work you do." -  Lynda M.

"I have always been a fan of yours, and look forward to your up-and- coming inspirations. You have touched a lot of lives, and you will continue to do that in the future." - Linda A.