To Catch a Content Thief

by Dennis Gaskill

If you're wondering if your intellectual content is being stolen and used by content thieves—if it's good, it probably is! There are several ways to catch content thieves. Of course, sometimes you just get lucky and either stumble across it while surfing or someone that knows you or recognizes your content reports another site to you that is using your material, and I've had both those things happen.

There are other ways that rely less on luck and more on intelligence though. Let's look at one way to catch someone who has stolen your textual content.

You can usually find unique text passages in your textual content. There will usually be several long phrases or complete sentences that are unique to your writing. By copying and pasting these unique word groupings into a search engine, you can find other sites that have used these unique word groupings.

Place your word grouping inside quotation marks before you search for them so that the search engine returns pages with that exact phrase, otherwise it will return pages that contain any of the search words.

By doing this, any page that is registered with the search engine and has that exact word grouping on it will be brought up first in the search results. By visiting those pages you can determine if the page content was stolen from you.

This is just one way to catch a content thief. There are other ways, and there are ways to catch image thieves as well, although that is much more difficult.


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