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Using Computers and E-mail, Protecting  Website and Computer Files, and How to Resolve Internet and Web-Related Problems

Computer Maintenance
E-Mail Tips
Protecting Website Content
Protecting Your Computer System and Files
Internet & Web Related Problems & Solutions
Reviews of Digital Devices

Most of the following articles are based on my own experience, some of which was quite painful in terms of both time and money. My thanks to the computer and Internet experts who have contributed other articles to this department and helped me over the years to gain computer and Internet expertise and knowledge about how to work safely and effectively on the Web. - Barbara

Computer Maintenance

Gateway Computer Problems, Service Technicians, and Accessing the Internet Without a Browser. Expert advice from software engineer and developer, Gavin Landon.

HOW TO Prepare for and Recover from a Computer Crash. How well you prepare for a crash will determine how stressful and costly the experience will be.

Dealing with Annoying "Power Bricks"

"Power bricks are those annoying black lumps, sometimes known as AC Adapters, that sit somewhere between the outlet and a device. Ordinary power cords aren't too hard to tidy up—use twist-ties or zip-ties or Velcro straps to bundle cords together and loop the excess somewhere out of sight. Power bricks are a pain: they take up space, they give off heat, and the cords they come with don't always let you put them somewhere out of the way.

"Worst are the bricks that have to be plugged directly into an outlet, covering up neighboring outlets or falling out because they're too heavy and awkward. In the old days, you might only have one or two electrical doodads on your desk that demanded special treatment—an adding machine (remember those?), a pencil sharpener (remember pencils?), maybe a telephone answering machine. But now computer speakers, printers, monitors, and even computers themselves are bringing along these humpbacked companions, and they're all jockeying for an electrical teat." ~ Jeffrey Wakeman

E-Mail Tips

Gmail: One Solution . . . but do you know that Google's User Agreement
gives them the right to use your private email content? Be sure to read the User Agreement before you do your email on Google's website.

Handling "Spam Spoofers"—What to do when someone steals your email address or URL to send junk or pornographic mail.

HOW TO Make Your E-Mail Address Invisible to Spam Bots

How Two Web Entrepreneurs Handled Their E-Mail Identity Theft Problem

Protecting Website Content

HACKED! How My Business Was Ruined by a Hacker. A Special Report by Dennis Gaskill, Boogiejack.com. Any Website is a potential target, and yours could be next. 

RELATED ARTICLE: To Catch a Content Thief. Dennis shares a simple way to search the Web to see if someone has stolen any of the content from your website.

What to Do When Someone Pirates Your Images or Content. Excellent article in James Dillehay's Craftmarketer Newsletter

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Content. Another excellent and very detailed article on the "Lorelle on WordPress" blog, with many helpful links on what to do when content from your WordPress site has been stolen.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

If someone has infringed your copy, you need to send Google an Infringement Notification that details the copyrighted work that has been infringed upon. This page, "Removing Content from Google," provides detailed instructions.

 To send Digital Millennium Copyright Act notifications to other major search engines and directories, see, "How to Send DMCA Notifications." Links to sample DMCA template forms (as Word documents) can be downloaded HERE.

Protecting Your Computer System and Files

Carbonite: The Best Little Computer Backup Program You'll Ever Find. This two-part article details Barbara's experience in using Carbonite to securely and effortlessly backup her hard drive and website files (with special tips and how-to information you won't get from Carbonite).

HOW TO Avoid Lightning Damage to Computers and Other Electronic Equipment. Barbara's research on the new generation of surge protectors, with links to several articles on lightning protection strategies and a manufacturer's confirming response to article.

How Norton SystemWorks Crashed My Gateway Computer. An article now primarily of historical interest because of the many reader responses it brought when first published. Anyone with a Gateway computer or one using Norton's anti-virus software will find it of interest.

What You Need to Know about Spyware, the Alexa Toolbar, Free Software and Anti-spyware Programs. Downloading the Alexa Toolbar created havoc with Internet Explorer and locked up Barbara's whole system resources—an experience other readers have also reported on in part two of this article. This article links to two other pages: Reader Response to Barbara's article, and Alexa's response to it, "A Spokesperson for Alexa Explains How its Toolbar Works."

Internet & Web-Related Problems & Solutions

How to Remove Google Maps to Your Front Door. Do you know that Google may be directing strangers to your home-business front door with a handy map tied to your home phone number?

How to Solve Your Internet Connection Problem. Barbara's proven tips for what to do when you lose your Internet connection and get a message saying "Local area connection, a cable is unplugged." (2015 update on wireless connectivity issues)

How to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad. The Internet is rampant with con artists and businesses that have questionable reputations, and many advertise with Google ads. Be aware: clicking the wrong link in an email or on a website can lead to computer grief or financial loss.

Oodles of Google Tips—How to Maximize Your Search Power, by Traci Vanover

Using Internet Discussion Boards to Advance Your Business, by Eileen Coale

Reviews of Digital Devices

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. This tiny, almost weightless voice recorder is perfect to stick in a pocket or purse to capture reminder notes to yourself, sounds of a family get-together, something you're hearing on radio or TV that you want to hear again, or any other sound that strikes your fancy and is worth keeping.

Kindle Addiction: Why I Love the Kindle, by Mollie Wakeman, with an introduction by Barbara, who details her use of the Kindle for pleasure and Kindle for PC for her editing, writing, and eBook publishing work; with links to free downloads for Kindle for PC and MAC computers.

Famous Last Words

"The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication." - Western Union executive, 1876

"It would appear that we have reached the limits of what is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in five years." - John von Neumann, 1949

"640,000 bytes of memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981


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