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Nigerian con artists who are using stolen credit cards are trying to sucker Web site owners into buying and shipping expensive electronic equipment along with other ordered merchandise. This scam is not just being tried against small craft and homebased businesses (as indicated in my first report on this topic), but on bookstores and other retail outlets, manufacturing companies, even individual sellers on eBay. If you have any kind of presence on the Web, you may be contacted by one of these guys sooner or later. BE AWARE! Spread the word to your business friends by linking them to my reports on this topic.

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More Reports from Readers
Who Have Been Targeted by
Nigerian Con Artists 

Edited by Barbara Brabec - Originally posted July 2005

2010 UPDATE I regret that my time no longer allows for posting additional information on this or other scam-related topics I've discussed earlier in other articles. Thanks for not bothering me with email requests to "check out" this or that individual. I simply posted this information initially to alert others to the problem. Now, many others on the Web are addressing this and related topics in detail. Thanks.

Wanted Fifty Bill Clinton Books. While I was in California in February, letting my voice mail take messages, I got a nice thank-you call from a fellow who had found my article on Nigerian scams. His message said: "My name is Jacob and Iím with The Book Rack in Rock Hill, a bookstore that does a lot of online shipping. I read your article about Nigerian scams and just wanted to thank you for forewarning us about this problem. Someone named Whitney Brown wanted to order 50 copies of My Life by Bill Clinton, and it was a telephone relay going to Nigeria, which your article discussed. Clearly this con is not limited to Christian bookstores only. So thanks again. You just saved our store a lot of time, money, and hassle."

Wanted Centrum Silver Vitamins. "I'm a new owner of Bryant Ranch pharmacy in Yorba Linda, California. I got a phone call on relay and I thought that there was somebody deaf on the other line. They asked for 150 bottles of brand name Centrum Silver vitamins saying they were celebrating some kind of anniversary and would distribute the vitamins to needy people. They gave me five credit card numbers, and finally one went through, so, I sent the vitamins through postal mail.

Fortunately, my technician looked at your Web site and found out about all these scams. Even my instinct was kind of telling me that something is not just right about this whole thing, but I guess in my busy life I just didn't take time to do more checking. Right now I'm trying to stop the mail. If I'm lucky, I will get my merchandise back. It really hurts a lot, as being a new business owner I really do not have any spare money to lose and it's so terrible for somebody to take advantage like this. I told my bank and credit card company as well that they need to inform their customers about these scams. Anyway, thank you very much for your Website as it kind of saved us.

"The persons who called me from Nigeria were Kim Kelly and Paul Kelly. The address they gave me was 20 Ricca St., Lagos Island, Lagos state Nigeria 23401.They used a hotmail email address of "KimKelly101." If this information can help stop these people that would be great." - Sheetal Amin

Wanted Computers Shipped Overnight. "I am not sure how I happened across your Web site, but I was doing some inquiring about a suspicious string of emails from a company in Nigeria that wanted me to special-order computers and overnight ship them, all paid for by their credit card. Sound familiar? Being a toy and hobby shop, this sounded very odd, and while trying to track down information on their company in Nigeria, I was somehow directed to your site. Though I was not seriously considering sending them the $3000+ worth of computers, you nonetheless might have just saved me a lot of frustration. I am sure your site will save many others as well. Let me please offer you my sincerest thank you once again." - Stephen Chase, Falcon Hobbies, Sunderland Maryland

Wanted Photos For a Wedding Present. "I received one of those emails asking me how much it would cost to send the photographs that I sell on eBay to Nigeria for a wedding present. The message said they would pay with a Visa or MasterCard. (This letter did not come from my eBay site; it came to my email address, bypassing eBay completely. I was just checking on what it would cost to send something to Nigeria when I saw your page and clicked on it. It amazes me how my subconscious protects me as I was not suspicious at first, just wanted to know the shipping cost, but, thankfully, I got the correct information via your page instead. Thank you!" - Sandra, an artist

Wanted Cell Phones. "Thank you for the information on your Web site. I had been contacted by someone in Nigeria looking for quotes on our products. At first I was only a little suspicious but then I became more suspicious when the phone request was added. I think the sender sensed my suspicion because he then asked for quotes on more of our products. I searched the Web for the scam info and came across your site which proved what I was already thinking. So I sent him the link to a Web site and told him to order the phones himself." - Andrew Jirsa, The Pringle Electrical Manufacturing Company, Montgomeryville, PA

Wanted a Gift for a Priest. "Thankfully, I discovered your website before it was too late. Like you and the others I was nearly scammed by the Nigerian crew. I was selling a personal item on my company website, which can be accessed by anyone with membership in the online portions of our website. I received an email inquiry from someone claiming to want to buy my item for a priest as a retirement gift and ship it to Lagos Nigeria. I immediately suspected something was wrong considering the item was two recliner chairs worth less than $100 and they were willing to purchase the items to have them shipped to Nigeria. They were asking for my full name, address and mobile phone number.

"I replied to the inquiry telling them that I was not willing to ship the item and it was for local sale only. Then I received another reply from the 'buyer' which seemed to be from a different person, as the grammar was much better and it was all uppercase typing. This note indicated that they would send a private Nigerian shipping company to get it and would deliver me a money order for payment. I then knew something was not right about this one. I decided to check the Web for similar scams and discovered your site. Now I know exactly what they were up to! Thank you for saving me a big headache." - Rick Grosheks

Wanted an Anniversary Gift. "Just wanted to thank you for posting your website about African-scams. I was recently contacted by a Nigerian man who said his name was Phil Scott. He wanted to purchase my art glass for a anniversary gift. He pretended to be in a big hurry. Then, just when I thought I would be mailing the vase, he requested I help him acquire some cell phones and mail those also. Of course, I had no idea what was going on. What tipped me off and caused some doubt was the fact that the cell phone company I contacted did not want to even touch the sale of phones to anyone in Nigeria. They also advised me to not have anything to do with it. I then did an Internet search and found your Web site listed. The first case example I read sounded just like what was happening to me. Just wanted to say thanks, because your information kept me from much anguish and I did not lose any money. Thank You!" - David Tate

Wanted a Birthday Gift. "We were fortunate enough to Google the address provided by the scammer below and came upon your site. We too got a similar e-mail (see below) as relayed to you by others on your site. Thanks." Carina

Ed. Note: Below, the message Carina forwarded to me. Notice that this mailer is using the same "Papa Ajao Mushin" ship-to address others have reported to me).

------ Forwarded Message: Hello

I have visited your website and i am impressed by the beautiful collection you have there. I want to purchase this particular product for my Boss as birthday gift that will come up shortly. (The Rose urn combines the elegant cubic shape with a delicate border of bronze roses. 8" X 5.5" X 5.5" - (227 cubic in)

Get back to me with the total cost and the shipping cost via Fedex delivery to this address:

22,Ojekunle Street,
Papa Ajao Mushin
Lagos State,

i will be looking foward to haering from you, so that you can have my credit card to charge for the total cost. Best Regards joe

------ End of Forwarded Message

Barbara's Experience With One of These Con Artists. On January 15, 'Cindy from USA' contacted five craft businesses and stupidly included my name on her message. It read:

"Good day sales, these is cindy from usa.Now in nigeria for buissnes.i want you help in moving my sales forward.please i want you to help me in supplying some of your goods.I have viewed you website so now want you in getting back to me so i can choose all i want.if so i need you to send me your website i chooosee and you tell me the total cost.and i forward you the credit card for payment information for payment, Regards, marie james."

I took delight in writing back to her, "You fool! If you had actually 'viewed my website,' you would have found my article exposing all you crooks in Nigeria who are trying to rip off innocent crafters and Christians! Since you can barely write English, though, it's doubtful you can even read the article I've posted on my site (which I linked to for the benefit of the others who received this e-mail). Fortunately, the other people you've mailed along with me on this email CAN read my article and no one will be doing business with you. Your name has been reported to the proper authorities. Have a nice day."

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