The Drummer Drives! Everybody Else Rides--
the Musical Life and Times of Harry Brabec,
Legendary CHicago Symphony Percussionist

Barbara Brabec successfully transitions from "home business writer" to "memoirist."

Barbara Brabec's first memoir about her life
with Harry Brabec, legendary Chicago Symphony Percussionist and Humorist.


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A Personal Note from Barbara:

All of my home-business books included bits of Harry's humor, but this book is the first time I had a place to write passionately about so many things related to my personal life, the love of my life, and our mutual love of music. This is also the first time I've told "the rest of story" that was too personal to be included in any of my home business books.

As THE DRUMMER DRIVES! progresses, I describe the life circumstances that literally forced me to start a business at home, then go on to explain how this affected and changed my career path and our marriage. You'll also learn how Harry and I got through some very dark days when he was without steady work and I found myself the main breadwinner (something that is surely happening all over America today).

Most of all, my memoir illustrates the power of humor and how to find it in your daily life, something at which Harry excelled. Nearly every chapter of the book is sprinkled (sometimes drenched) with his original humor (only a tiny bit of which had been previously published, and the book closes on a high note with an ENCORE! ENCORE! of a baker's dozen "Harry stories" that will certainly leave you smiling if not laughing out loud.

As my home-business readers might guess, this book also includes my usual philosophical and motivational messages here and there, along with a very strong statement about love and marriage and some solid evidence for how God works in our daily lives.

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23 Five-Star Reviews for
Barbara's First Memoir!

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The Drummer Drives! Everybody Else Rides,
Barbara Brabec's memoir about her life with 
Harry Brabec, legendary Chicago Symphony
percussionist and humorist.

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Below are brief excerpts from a few of the many five-star reviews The Drummer Drives! has received on Amazon. (Read all reviews on Amazon link above.) To read the print edition of this book without charge, ASK YOUR LIBRARY TO ADD IT TO THEIR COLLECTION.  All of Barbara's books are registered with the Library of Congress and libraries will be happy to order this book through their usual sources.

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"Drummer" - this one you can't beat!  "... a book about the life of a man ... neither famous nor infamous, and closer to poor than rich. But what is so inspiring about this simple story of his life is the freshness and vitality with which it is told by his wife . . . It quickly becomes apparent that this is a love story: a story about people in love with music, in love with life, and in love with each other. It is also the story of a journey, and by recalling with affection many of the little idiosyncrasies of that journey through life (those silly notes attached to birthday presents, the annoying habits of a partner not seen by outsiders, shared moments of joy where others might see adversity, and so on) it is probably the journey of your life, and that of everyone. Read it!" - Ptolemy

A Compelling, Enriching Read. "The Drummer Drives! is far more than a widow's tribute to her departed husband. It is a living relic of a now lost musical age; a menagerie of musings on love, fate, mankind's inter-connectedness, and the vacuity of widowhood."
   - Adam Kolczynski, Managing Editor and Author at Polybius Books

Much to Savor. "The Drummer Drives ...reveals Barbara Brabecís considerable talent as a Storyteller. The narrative flow compels reading just another page, and Brabec manages the difficult task of telling a very personal story without descending to the maudlin. Thereís much to savor in the book."
     - Sam Mazze, Mazze Communications

A Wonderful and Emotional Ride. "... a loving and humor-filled chronicle of the life of an individual who will make you laugh and cry whether you knew him personally or not and whether you are a musician or not. This drummer 'really drove' and anyone who wants a great read should hop on for this ride."
     - Jim Ross, Chicago Symphony Percussionist

A Musical Love Story. " ... a meticulously crafted memoir ... an exceptional look back at the unique lifetime of a humorist who also happened to be one of the most outstanding musicians of his time."
     - Sam Denov, author of Symphonic Paradox--The Misadventures of a Wayward Musician

I'm Amazed! "The research and time Barbara invested in telling the story of Harry is amazing and wonderful, as well as her descriptions of the Chicago scene during those years and the notable musicians who traveled in and out of his life. She details his impressive professional path as well as his unique personality. I was truly enthralled . . ."
      - Joan Wester Anderson, author of Forever Young—The Authorized Biography of Loretta Young and many best-selling books about angels.

Harry Lives! "If you are a musician, someone who loves to laugh, someone who wants to read a good love story ... heck, if you've got a heartbeat, then pick up this book."
     - Richard Sherrill, one of Harry's students


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