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How to Create and Use
Audio CDs for Profit

Ten tips on how to use your voice and your computer to create audio CDs you can sell or use for publicity purposes.

by Dr. West Conner, Medicine Coach


1. Write the script. Figure that you probably talk 200-225 words per minute; adjust the number of words to how long you want the message to be.

(Ed. Note: I find West's wpm figures to be high. In writing keynote speeches, I always found that my normal speaking voice ran about 150-160 words a minute, so you'll need to time yourself to see how you normally speak.)

2. Download Sony Sound Forge software. (Don't get the expensive one; the cheap one is fine.)

3. Buy a microphone. Go to Radio Shack or other supplier (about $15).

4. Practice, out loud, reading your script a couple times. If you consistently stumble on the same words, change them.

5. Play with the program to find the best place to put the microphone (six  inches away in front, on your chest, off to the side, etc.)

6. Experiment with the mike. If you mess up, just start that sentence again and edit out the screw-up at the end.

7. Save as a wave file, with the tracks.

8. Save to CD and make sure it works in your car and on your stereo.

9. Get CD labels. Create a label.

10. Enjoy millions of dollars in residual income!

P.S. Steps one to nine are the easy part.


About the Author:

Dr. Connor is a pharmacist, author and consultant, as well as a very savvy marketer with a keen sense of humor. He is the author of How to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs, and the publisher of the free Medicine Coach Newsletter. His MedicineCoach includes a wealth of helpful articles and reports, plus a free prescription consultation service where you can look up various drugs, and see the consultation video he has prepared to explain the benefits and side effects of each drug.


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