Using Your Website for Charitable Purposes

A report from Martha Oskvig

"When I was a BeautiControl consultant, I launched an e-Fundraising program on my website to benefit several charities. I donated 20 percent of all product orders placed at my Web page to nonprofit groups. These groups actually have their choice of timeline for a fundraising relationship with me (it can be up to a year in duration which is renewable annually so I have the appropriate address at which to send contributions).

A group's board secretary/treasurer writes with information about the group and its nonprofit status. I issue a code number (which is mentioned with my Website address in their newsletters and at meetings). The code number is used by their members and supporters who place orders. While processing an order, I see the code and write the corresponding percentage in my daily records; the group receives a quarterly donation check. I also write an annual sales and donation report before the group's annual meeting at which time the board decides whether to continue the fundraising program. 

Additionally, certain products and short-term corporate promotions automatically allow a contribution from the corporate office to the WHO Foundation, which assists national applicants' projects with grant funds to help needy women and children.

At Creative Memories, now my main business site, a donation to the National Alzheimer's Association is made during one month each spring with each purchase of a specific limited-edition keepsake photo album. Every autumn, I offer a similar promotion for affiliates in conjunction with their Alzheimer's Memory Walk week.

The above charity donation programs are in addition to the 10 percent of product sales I give weekly to my church on all product sales. I also offer varied percentages for a day's, week's or month's total sales generated at events sponsored by nonprofit clubs and schools. My involvement is a fun way to count my blessings and support community programs!


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