Harry Brabec:

Legendary Chicago Drummer

(1927 - 2005)

"Harry's reputation as a drummer in high school was legend. He set high precedents for me.  He was the ideal role model." - Gordon B. Peters, retired Chicago Symphony Percussionist

A collection of photos of the young Harry Brabec,
legendary drummer and musician, and graduate of Morton High School, Berwyn, Illinois

Harry had a wonderful career as a professional musician. He died February 3, 2005 at the age of 77. You'll find a chronicle of his life as a professional musician, show producer, and husband to Barbara HERE.

Harry had a wonderful sense of humor. Since he died, I have often recalled the day some twenty years ago when Harry and I were driving in Chicago and had passed a tombstone factory and began to muse about what our own headstones might say about us. I remember how hard Harry laughed when, in a rare flash of genius, I said to him, "If you should precede me to the great beyond, I know exactly what I'll have inscribed on your stone:

"Here lies Harry Brabec.
 He finally took his drum and beat it."

As it turned out, Harry chose to be cremated, so I sent him off with a pair of drumsticks in his hands.

Tributes paid to Harry by his musical peers in Intermezzo.

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