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"Barbara is the real deal! After working with her as a first-time author, I can tell you that she is extremely professional and very knowledgeable concerning the entire process of bringing a manuscript up to the level of a book. In my case, I started out facing the task as almost insurmountable, but Barbara knows how to navigate every step of the way and she remained committed to my project until she got me over the finish line. She helped me accomplish my endeavor and I am grateful for all of her patience and expertise. Thanks, Barbara!" - Robin H. Miller, author and publisher of No Longer a Christian Nation: Living on the Brink of a New World Order (Print and Kindle editions)

"Although I had been marketing and promoting my book titles for years, I found that there’s always something new to learn when I consulted via phone with Barbara Brabec. To begin with, she informed me of the availability of a free website host, WordPress, and referred me to a web page designer who works at an extremely reasonable hourly rate. As someone who writes books about saving time and money, this got me started in the right direction. Following the hour-long consultation, I found myself with enough tips and new ideas to keep me busy for the next couple weeks. My father’s favorite saying was that 'There’s no substitute for experience,' and I can attest that Barbara gives meaning to those words.
     "Also, learning about Barbara’s ebook, How to Maximize Schedule C Deductions & Cut Your Self-Employment Taxes to the BONE was a great help in reducing my tax liability. There were so many deductions I had never even considered." - George Newman, author of How to Survive in an Upside Down Economy (Blossom Valley Press, print & Kindle editions)

"Barbara is wise and knowledgeable about the publishing industry. She gave me many practical tips and references to people who actually helped me launch my ebook. She also explained how to obtain a web domain and outlined the steps to setting up a business. These things are important and they weren't even on my radar screen before I talked with Barbara." - Gayle Schuck, author of By the Banks of Cottonwood Creek (Kindle and Smashwords editions)

"I had all sorts of wrong-headed ideas about being an author and publishing a book. Barbara set me straight in no uncertain terms and provided the personal and professional support any author needs and desires. Her patience and persistence and invaluable guidance in the unnerving, frustrating, stimulating, gratifying world of writing and publishing was most appreciated." - Michael Dinius, consultant and author of TARGETING TEAMWORK: How Bosses and Other Performance Managers Can Build and Sustain Team and Organizational Excellence (Performance Management Consulting, 2013; Kindle and Smashwords editions)

"I have read many of Barbara's books and knew if anyone was going to help me with my business, it was going to be her. She is not only very knowledgeable on her stuff, she is the sweetest person you could meet over the phone and really does want to help you succeed. She helped me in finding a good domain name and referred me to other service providers that I needed. I wish I could meet her in person. I will definitely again be consulting her for advice in the future when I get stuck somewhere on the journey of my craft." - Bernadette Chenard-Hsing

"In this often maddening, fast moving world of publishing, self-publishing, agents coming and going, publishers opening and closing, book stores shutting down and expanding, editors for hire and Beta readers, Barbara Brabec provides wonderful help for sorting it all out. She has the experience and contacts to quickly understand where we writers are on our journey and help us right now. In one short consultation, she gave me more than I expected--a critique of my cover, suggestions on e-formatters and type setters, materials to read, and immediately followed up with an e-mail and links to excellent sources for what I needed. I've been about the writing of novels for over ten years, and the marketing and selling of them for about seven years. Barbara is as good as I've found to guide us on our journeys." - G. J. Berger, author of South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon.

"As a newcomer to the eBook marketplace, I was browsing the web one day when I clicked on Barbara Brabec's article "Book Manuscript Formatting Tips." The article was well written, concise, and full of valuable, ready-to-use information. I was immediately filled with hope and a sense of 'I can do this.' That's just the beginning. I called Barbara and got a live person, a person who was really friendly and cared a lot. Within several minutes I knew I was talking with a wise consultant, someone who had paid her dues and knew how to make difficult things workable and sensible. By the time my half-hour consultation was done, she had outlined an efficient, reasonably priced, turnkey eBook publishing plan.
     "One of Barbara's most outstanding qualities is her gracious, giving nature. Throughout our consultation hour, she shared her tips freely without one hint of 'I'll reveal more for another $30.' Within twenty-four hours, I received an email including detailed information and links for me to follow. After four decades of running several businesses, I have never encountered such a useful, wise, caring consultant. Three days after my consultation I was in the middle of publishing my first eBook." Thank you, Barbara, for your expertise and your unprecedented delivery of the goods." - Gary M. Unruh, Golden Rule Parenting—Treat Your Child the Way You Want to Be Treated

"Barbara Brabec is one of those people who not only has a wealth of knowledge but a wonderful ability to share what she knows with others. She always seems to be ahead of the curve. In today's marketplace it is so difficult to compete, and any edge is appreciated. I have found Barbara's knowledge and advice to be very helpful." - Jay Rankin, author of Under The Neon Sky—A Las Vegas Doorman's Story

"Barbara is truly a wonderful resource! Her down-to-earth nature really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable discussing my business concerns. She offered practical insights and sound advice which helped me to move forward with growing my greeting card business. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with any aspect of starting a business." - Angela Douglas

"I have some experience working with publishers since I have released three how-to quilting books. But when it came to declaring my first book (A Forest of Quilts) out of print and working with the publisher to purchase the remaining inventory, I was lost. I thought of Barbara's consulting service, and called for her advice. She was so helpful and thorough, even bringing up things I hadn't considered. She has a wealth of knowledge from her own business experiences, making her the perfect consultant for those of us still learning everything the hard way. I'm an artist first and a business person second, but my business sense is definitely improving thanks to Barbara and her books, newsletters, and now consulting. I will be tapping her talents again!" - Terrie Kralik, Owner, Moose Country Quilts

"Being new to the world of professional crafters, my wife and I had questions on a myriad of topics. After visiting Barbara's website and finding that she offered telephone consultations, I called and rattled off my questions. Barbara had great answers for all of them. And the consultation fee - oh so reasonable! We got good value for our dollars, and highly recommend Barbara's books and consultative services. Barbara also reviewed our Website and made several suggestions that we've adapted and received great feedback on from customers. As our business continues to grow we will be calling Barbara for more of her business wisdom." - W. Coulombe, Patricia's Treasures

"I was so happy to learn that you were offering phone consultations!  I was rather nervous before we spoke, but you immediately put me at ease, and I instantly felt like I was chatting with a friend. (And speaking to a fellow cat lover made it fun!) I can't thank you enough for the helpful critique, suggestions, and advice you gave to me about my website and my business, and for answering my seemingly endless list of questions, too! Since we spoke, I purchased two more of your books, and now when I read them, I can 'hear' your encouraging and motivating voice. Thank you, Barbara, very much!" - Laura Lynn Kulba, Pet Scribbles LLC

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me during my telephone consultation. You did, indeed, calm many of my fears about designing jewelry for children. Thanks, too, for directing me to a helpful Website link, and especially for the new marketing ideas you suggested. I really like the idea of bringing my jewelry to homes for the well aged." - Jody Werick, City Girl Designs, Buffalo, NY

"Thank you so much for your time and the great information you shared with me during our phone consultation. You're such a wonderful fount of knowledge. Our conversation was inspiring and filled me with a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence. It was well worth the money." - Lindsay Landis

"Thanks for all the helpful tips and feedback you've given me regarding my Web site and the marketing of my needlework designs and supplies on the Web. It's nice to have someone's else's feedback when I'm trying to make a decision about something." - Joan Green, Joan Green Designs

"The information and Web links you gave me regarding my new candle business and where to find copyright-free Persian designs was very helpful and just what I needed to move my business forward." - Gita Afdjeie, Gita's DRIPP Works

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