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What Readers Say:

graphic pointer "I just want to say what an inspiration you have been to me and countless others over the years. Your print newsletter to home business owners that I originally subscribed to back in the 90s convinced me early on that you were an exceptional resource." - James Dillehay, author, Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing

graphic pointer "Just dipped into your new bulletin on brain aging, and caught some of your re-invention plans for the new year. You continue to inspire me with your energy and your enthusiasm." Patricia Katz, Pauseworks

graphic pointer "You do a wonderful service and give so much encouragement to so many of us out here. I appreciate all the work you put into your newsletters and sharing with all of us. Please don't stop writing!" - Sue Pike Sawyer ("former Hospice nurse, now retired from this profession and starting a home business")

graphic pointer "You are a great example of lifelong learning. Happy to have met you long ago in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University; very happy to stay connected through your newsletter and info." - Maryellen Kelly.

"Unlike most newsletters I get, yours packs a wallop in just a few minutes -- informative, sad, glad, and inspirational. You are such a darn good writer-- both businesslike and personal.You could hold your own with any of the talking heads on TV/radio on just about any subject and inject a 'Brabecism' or two of humor to boot." - Sylvia Hourihane

"I look forward to your bulletins, and I click through and read everything you post, usually over the course of a few days. I much admire the verve, determination, and creativity with which you approach life." - Helen Clement

"I appreciate the fact that you take time out of your busy schedule to educate the masses with your plethora of knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you whenever the news bug bites." - Lynn Retzlaff

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Personal note from Barbara: As I continue to build a new life for myself as a widow and aging writer and self-publisher, my Bulletin has become more personal in nature. I've never made a dime from my Brabec Bulletins, which I've published irregularly since 2000. This writing has always been a "labor of love" and a way to communicate with my subscribers about things I'm learning, observing, and doing in both my private life and my current work on the Web as a home-business owner, writer, editor, author's consultant, and self-publisher.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't learn something new about life, work, business, technology, and working on the Web, and I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others. You are always free to forward my Bulletins on to your friends with a suggestion to subscribe.

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P.S. When I have a lot to say on a subject that is too long to discuss in a Bulletin, I load an article to my website. Here are some examples:

Tired of Being Fat? How to Finally Lose that Unwanted Weight (How I lost 50 pounds)

Will You Still Be Working in Your Seventies? (I'm planning never to retire. Wouldn't know what to do with myself if I quit working for myself.)

It's a Crazy World Out There

Tips and Strategies for Living and Working More Safely and Profitably in Today's Unsettling Times-

The Healing Power of Friendship and Love.



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More Reader Testimonials

graphic pointer" I've been enjoying your writing, both in print and online. You have a straightforward approach that appeals to me, and you know so much about how to run a business. I sent a friend to your website, partly to get general advice and partly to see how diversified you are in your enterprises. You've inspired me to branch out and not to feel that I should 'pick one and stick to it,' and both my friend and I benefit from your Bulletin. How serendipitous for me that you're here in my life at what may be a turning point in my business." - Linda Joyce

graphic pointer "You are truly a pioneer in the field of creativity and a champion for the struggling artist. You are real in a world of pretentiousness and false hopes." - Kathy Cisneros, songwriter and vocalist

graphic pointer "I find your newsletters incredibly informative—especially the links you always provide and your knowledge about things I never thought I would have to understand, but am finding that I do need to know and understand now." - Sandy Christian-Mamie

graphic pointer "Had I paid attention earlier to all the wealth of information and inspiration you have so faithfully provided through the years, I would, indeed, be wealthy. Please continue to write your monthly Bulletin for the loyal followers who dare to dream and trust God." - Nikki Jourdan, ChooseLove.org

graphic pointer "Thank you so much for all that you do. Your newsletter is always so informative, and I appreciate all you do to look out for people and help them make a living." -Lynn Retzlaff, Etsy Seller

"I enjoy your Bulletin very much. I'm often too busy to read articles on the Web, but when you announce each new issue, I take the time to read it from start to finish, no matter how busy I am."  - Dodie Eisenhauer, Village Designs


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