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Praise from Industry Experts

"This is one of the most well-rounded books I have read on how to start a business and I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to sell their hand-made products to the world." - William T. Lasley, Guide to Arts/Crafts Businesses

"If you've ever dreamed of earning dollars from your creative interests, Barbara's book will provide you with the motivation and know-how to turn your dream into a reality. Creative Cash is very easy reading, with plenty of interesting real-life examples sprinkled in, providing practical advice from those who've been there." – Miriam Olson, Former Editor, Crafts Magazine

". . . chock-full of moneymaking strategies for craftspeople at every level, beginner to professional. Even veteran show circuit exhibitors can use ideas in Creative Cash to boost sales figures or to discover new income streams." – Amy Sunshine Artist

Other Reviews

"Barbara Brabec does it again in her usual easy-to-absorb style: a crafter's diagram for success. Not only will you find the real life experiences of others in this business, but you'll learn what mistakes to avoid as well. This is truly a gold mine of information."
- My Arts and Crafts

"As she has in the past, Brabec uses crafter profiles to enhance the many areas of business she writes about, and in such a charming way you are captivated by the stories as well as the professional advice. These are not always stories about wildly successful men and women who sold one item and retired on the profits; she includes the heartbreaking ones, the learn-from-your- mistakes ones, the complete change-in-direction ones, and the 'hey, that's me!' ones in which we can all recognize ourselves. There is empowerment in these pages. If you are still making the same craft you did five years ago, and hauling the same booth display, and you wonder why sales are off this year, you need a good dose of Brabec!" - Liz Murad, Montclair Craft Guild

"It's one thing to turn your creativity into a business, and quite another to profit from it. But this business guidebook maps out approaches used to design your own path to success, beginning with identifying what you do best. This book includes abundant information on business planning and legal requirements, sales and distribution, publishing and teaching." - Sew News

"Along with serious start-up information and ideas and how and where to sell all kinds of products and services, are encouraging stories of success and tales of lessons learned."
- PhotoStockNotes


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July 2011: This classic guide has now been declared out of print after 32 years in publication, but copies will be available on Amazon for a long time to come, so you can still use this classic best-seller to turn your creativity into a profitable home-based business!

Creative Cash 

How to Profit from Your Special Artistry, Creativity, Hand Skills and
Related Know-How

by Barbara Brabec

More than 110,000 copies in print!

Barbara's classic best-seller,

7-3/8 x 9-1/8" paperback, $16.95 
(Prima Publishing)

Copies are still available on

 A featured selection of
Crafter's Choice Book Club

Creative Cash—a classic in its field for more than thirty years—has helped thousands of creative people launch successful art or craft businesses at home. In fact, several people who started a business with an earlier edition of this book in hand are featured success stories in this edition.

Through interviews with over a hundred business experts and professional artists, crafters, designers, teachers and publishers, the author has crafted a unique crafts business book for the New Century. It is filled with fresh ideas on how to succeed in many different types of businesses as well as how to sell handcrafted or handmade products of all kinds, including fine art, original designs, patterns, special "know-how" and services related to the field of art or crafts.

Whether your goal is just to make a little extra "pin money" from a hobby, start a part-time business, or grow an established activity into something much more profitable, Creative Cash will guide you to success.

Brabec is known for her "down-home" style of writing, which is always clear and easy to understand. Interlaced between the serious business information in Creative Cash are uplifting stories of success and sad tales of costly lessons learned. To make the reading fun, shots of humor are found throughout the book. "If you don't have a sense of humor," says Barbara, "you better get one quick, or you'll not survive long in a business at home."

This Book Features:

100+ real-life success stories
87 original art illustrations
PLUS a directory of crafters featured in the book

The ultimate "how-to" book in its field, Creative Cash is chock-full of moneymaking strategies for craftspeople at every level—an invaluable roadmap you can use for success in your chosen endeavor. Here's how to:

Develop confidence to realize a secret dream

Legally start a business at home

Successfully compete in today's marketplace

Succeed at craft fair selling

Start your own home shop, holiday boutique or party plan business

Sell through shops, galleries, malls and other outlets

Move into wholesaling, trade shows, working with sales reps

Write how-to articles for craft magazines or sell a book of designs

Develop and sell original patterns by mail

Wholesale a pattern line

Develop and sell kits

Design for manufacturers (or license your

Publish booklets, directories or reports

Publish a newsletter

Write a book and publish it yourself

Offer your book to a trade publisher

Get started teaching at home or in local craft shops

Computerize a crafts business and get on the Web

Get it all together at home

Hone your sense of humor