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"Barbara's articles and books have earned her the title of 'Maven of Home-Businesses.' Whether you're a beginning craftsman or artist, or a seasoned one who needs to reassess business direction, keep the newly revised and updated edition of Handmade for Profit! within reach, not on the shelf.

Whether you read it cover to cover, or selectively choose applicable chapters, you have a masterpiece of informational how-to for your business.

I know craftsmen who happily spend $500 or more for a piece of equipment, but don't bother to read up on their business. Having definitive books at your fingertips for constant reference helps you plan business growth and direction. Handmade for Profit! is a worthy investment in your future. Saving you from bad decisions is priceless."
 - Betty Chypre, Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages

"I decided before I even finished the book that it is a must-read for anyone in the crafting industry--whether you're just thinking about the business or you've been doing it for 50 years!  Handmade for Profit! is organized, easy to read, and includes an endless supply of tips, checklists, and samples of ideas referred to in the text. Each chapter builds on the last and is broken down into smaller chunks, making the book an easy read . . . something to add to your bag when running out to next weekend's show. 

For crafters who have been selling their products solely at craft shows and fairs, I would recommend purchasing the book for the purpose of reading Chapter twelve, 'Selling on the World Wide Web.' The author has carefully crafted the language of the chapter so even the computer-shy crafter can learn something without feeling intimidated. If ISPs, URLs, and HTML leave you shivering, don't fret. Barbara explains it all!" - Christa Held, Mid-Atlantic Craft Show List



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The 2002 Revised Edition of 

Handmade for Profit!
Hundreds of Secrets to Success
 in Selling Arts & Crafts

by Barbara Brabec

Your "crafts marketing bible" for greater sales and profits now and for years to come! 100 additional pages in this edition!

7 x 9" paperback, 372 pages, $14.95
(M. Evans & Co.)
40,000 copies in print

The first edition was a selection of Rodale's Creative Needlecrafts Book Club and Book-of-the-Month's Crafter's Choice Book Club.


Caution: If you elect to buy a "used" edition of this book on Amazon, you may end up with the old 1996 edition instead of the new 2002 edition.

All chapters of this new edition have been totally revised, plus the 2002 edition features two new chapters --100 additional pages for the same low price!

Special features of this book:

NEW CHAPTER on how to get started selling on the Web

NEW Resource Chapter of 133 books, periodicals, organizations and Web sites to aid you in business

NEW checklists and success formulas

NEW IDEAS for capitalizing on your creative ideas and talents

Hundreds of NEW TIPS for success in selling at the retail level

Dozens of NEW ART ILLUSTRATIONS and examples of printed materials used by crafters

Six chapters focus on how to sell to sixteen different retail markets (most of them in your own back yard) including:

Art and craft fairs, festivals and mall shows
Home shops or studios
Home parties and open houses
Bazaars, holiday boutiques and community markets
Craft malls and rent-a-space shops
Consignment craft shops and art galleries
Local retailers and service providers
A pushcart in a shopping mall
In schools, hospitals, clinics and retirement centers
Through your own craft cooperative
On a military base
and on the Web.

The rest of the book builds practical skills in such areas as business planning and management, goal setting, record keeping, time management, new product development, designing displays, selling in person or by mail, business promotion and publicity, and creating professional printed materials.