Barbara Brabec, widow of Harry J. Brabec Selected CDs from the collection of
Harry Brabec, Legendary Chicago Drummer
and Symphony musician.

The CD collection of Harry Brabec,
Legendary Chicago Drummer and Symphony Musician,
now available on Amazon, or privately from Barbara.

The CD Collection of Harry Brabec, Legendary Chicago Drummer and Symphony Musician, now available on Amazon, or privately from Barbara


"Our house is very musical because recorded music is being played constantly. It’s usually big band or jazz during the day, with symphonic or chamber music at night. Daytime may also be interspersed with brass band and circus music, and at night with the 'pretty' music of Mantovani, Mancini, quiet piano, guitar, or flute."
- from one of Harry's letters

Note that many of the following CDs are now out of print, so this is your opportunity to get some very good buys on hard-to-find CDs, or save money on those that Amazon is still selling new at much higher prices. All of Harry's CDs are guaranteed to play AS NEW. Categories include:

CDS ARE LISTED BY TITLE with a hyperlink that will take you to the page where that album can be ordered. Look for my seller nickname of BARBARA-BRABEC-BOOKS for price and special condition notes. If you don't find my seller name, it means my copy of that CD has sold, but the links on this page will still take you to each album's product page so you will be able to look for that CD from another seller.


Big Band/Jazz/Dixieland/ Ragtime CD Albums for sale on Amazon, from $11.95


Paul Barbarin and His New Orleans JazzPaul Barbarin and His New Orleans Jazz(Atlantic Jazz, 1990). Includes great liner notes about Paul Barbarin (a drummer) and the musicians on this recording, which includes Milt Hinton, an extraordinary jazz bassist. (For his story and photography, see his autobiography, Bass Lines, in Harry's collection.) Both of these jazz greats are gone, but they left a great musical legacy.

The Best of the British Dance BandsThe Best of the British Dance Bands (Two Discs; Music & Memories, 1993)
"The reason I like those English bands," Harry once said, "is because they don't overplay the music. It's easy on the ears. Also, I notice that many of the trumpet solos sound a lot like Bix."

Cab Calloway, His Best Recordings, 1930-1942Cab Calloway, His Best Recordings, 1930-1942. (Best of Jazz, 1996). Cab Calloway, who was born on Christmas night, 1907, was a gift to many audiences who loved his spirited baritone singing and animated performances. The Calloway family has a very nice website here.

Sam Donahue Live in Stereo at Jantzen BeachSam Donahue Live in Stereo at Jantzen Beach. (Jazz Hour, live broadcast, 1957).
Sam Donahue was an American swing music jazz tenor saxophonist, trumpeter, and musical arranger. If you're not familiar with this sweet orchestra, you can listen to tunes online to see why you will want to add this album to your collection.

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra,]
Sing, Sing, SingBenny Goodman and His Orchestra, "Sing, Sing, Sing." (RCA, 1990).
This particular tune is perhaps the most famous tune associated with Goodman, if not the entire Swing Era, according to a great article I found here. You'll want to read it, I'm sure, and then add this album to your big band collection. 

Masters of the Jazz Age,
Waldo's Gutbucket Syncopators, The Gotham City BandMasters of the Jazz Age, Waldo’s Gutbucket Syncopators —The Gotham City Band. (Musical Heritage Society, 1989). Terry Waldo, called one of the finest traditional jazz pianists from the 1970s to the present, has "often labored in near-anonymity, yet has recorded quite a few highly enjoyable records," according to this article about him. One of his vinyl records is now selling for $250.

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra,
The Original Tuxedo JunctionErskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, The Original Tuxedo Junction (RCA, 1992). Erskine Hawkins was "a prominent African American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer during the Big Band era of the 1930s and 1940s. Known as the 'Twentieth-Century Gabriel' (after the angel Gabriel . . . (more)

Compact Jazz: Harry James

Compact Jazz: Harry James (Polygram Records, 1990). The "Compact Jazz" series includes albums of all the jazz greats. This one includes 16 tunes from vinyl recordings by Verve done between 1959 and 1962 (detailed in printed liner notes insert).

Original Dixieland Jazz Band 7tth AnniversaryOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band 75th Anniversary March, 1992, RCA).
A very rare item! This band made its first recording in 1917, and this 75th anniversary album includes a 16-page booklet about the band's history and its musicians. Nice article about the band here on Wikipedia.

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra,
Sunset Serenade Premier ShowGlenn Miller and His Orchestra, Sunset Serenade Premier Show, August 30, 1941, Steel Pier; and January 11, 1941, Café Rouge. (Jazz Hour, 1994). Amusing note: The Sunset Serenade show was recorded from Atlantic City's famous Steel Pier Amusement Center, which had a ballroom at the end a half mile out over the Atlantic ocean. This one-hour show, done live, was interrupted in the middle for a horse race from Saratoga.

Music from the Arthur Pryor Orchestra
Collection, On the Boardwalk.Music from the Arthur Pryor Orchestra Collection, "On the Boardwalk." (Newport Classics, 1987).
Little known now, Arthur Pryor (1870-1942) was a ragtime pioneer, once one of America's most important musical figures. He was the world's greatest trombonist, a celebrated conductor, and the composer of some of the most popular tunes of the early 1900s. Rick Benjamin is directing the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra.

More Music from the Arthur Pryor
Orchestra Collection, A Whistler and His Dog.More Music from the Arthur Pryor Orchestra Collection, "A Whistler and His Dog." (Newport Classics, 1994).
Pryor wrote this famous novelty tune, an instrumental old favorite from the early 20th century that you've probably heard many times but didn't know the name of. One writer on the Web called it a tune that's "perfect to skip to." Rick Benjamin directs the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra on this album.

Patrick Williams' New York Band,
10th Avenue.Patrick Williams' New York Band, "10th Avenue." (Rainwood Records, 1995). Not many copies of this album anywhere today! Here's a great review of it that will encourage you to add this album to your collection.



Harry Brabec's Book Collection

Big Band Renaissance--Evolution of
the Jazz Orchestra, the 1940s and BeyondBig Band Renaissance—"The Evolution of the Jazz Orchestra," the 1940s and Beyond. (Smithsonian Collection, 1996). Harry's beautiful mint-condition boxed set of five CDs--which may have been the only like-new set in captivity--has sold, but other sellers on Amazon still offer this collection in less than mint condition. Each CD has 12 tracks, and there's a description of each CD on the Amazon product page.

Brass Bands, March Music & John Philip Sousa CDs for sale on Amazon, from $11.99

(Album covers, price and condition notes for all of the following can be viewed on Amazon.)

Americans We: The Great Marches of Henry Fillmore Henry Fillmore. (Proarte 1993.) 18 Selections played by the Florida State University Band, James Croft, conductor.r.

Brass & The Band (Crystal Records, 1993) Chicago Chamber Brass and the Dallas Wind Symphony with soloists. See detailed content on Amazon's product page.

British Music for Concert Band, The Central Band of the Royal Air Force. (EMI Records, 1988). Harry had a British music friend, which is probably how he came by this album. It is extremely rare. My copy and one other on Amazon appear to be the only ones available anywhere. (The RAF sells some of its CDs on the Web, but this one is no longer available.) A true collector's album!

Collections of National Anthems, Vol. 2  (1993 Denon Records). Music of America, Africa, Middle East and Oceania, played by The Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards. Includes an 8-page insert.

Esprit - "The Commandant's Own" - The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps. This copy is the original U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps release, not the re-release by CreateSpace. Truly a collectible.

Famous Marches from World-Known Operas (1994, Supraphon). Prague Castle Guard Band plays nine great marches by Verdi, Mozart, Gounod, Wagner and Meyerbeer. Very rare CD!  

For Those in Peril on the Sea, A Tribute to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. (2004 Clovelly Recordings). Featuring the Band of HM Royal Marines, Plymouth. Includes an 8-page insert.

The Golden Age of Brass Virtuoso Solos (1994, Summit). This CD features David Hickman, one of the world's finest trumpet and cornet soloists, and Mark H. Lawrence, Principal Trombone with the San Francisco Symphony. An outstanding CD for brass lovers!

Golden Age of Brass, Virtuoso Solos, Vol. II. (1995 Summit). More from Mark H. Lawrence and David Hickman. 13 tunes.

Golden Age of the March, The Washington Winds, Edward Petersen, Conductor. (Walking Frog Records, 1994). Includes 17 great marches by Karl L. King and C. L. Barnhouse, including King’s great Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite. A very rare album!

James Reese Europe and the 369th U.S. Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band featuring Noble Sissle. IAJRC, 1996.) The complete Pathe Recordings, 1919. 24 Selections.

The Martial Music of Sir Vivian Dunn—A Musical Salute to the Doyen of British Military Musicians. (2004, Clovelly) The Band of HM Royal Marines, Plymouth, 15 Selections.

The Music of Kenneth Alford (Chandos, 1992). Band of H.M. Royal Marines. Includes such great tunes as Colonel Bogey, The Thin Red Line, Eagle Squadron, and The Vanished Army.

The Regimental Band of The Coldstream Guards. "Marches II American, European Continental." (A&M Records, 1989). Major Roger G. Swift, Director. Includes 11 American selections; 13 European/Continential.

Regimental Marches of British Army, Vol. 1 (Chandos, 1992). Includes 40 marches that are listed on Amazon's product page.

Regimental Marches of the British Army, Vol. II (Chandos, 1992). 46 selections on this hour-long+ CD are listed on Amazon's product page.

Silks & Rags, The Great American Main St. Band. (1991 Angel Records). Includes a 6-page booklet about the performers and 19 selections.

"Solid Men to the Front" - Favorite Sousa Marches, Vol. 3 (EMI 1989). Band of H.M. Royal Marines. 15 marches, including Solid Men to the Front, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, On the Campus and The Glory of the Yankee Navy.

The Spirit of '76 and Ruffles and Flourishes (Mercury, 1997).  Frederick Fennell and members of the Eastman Wind Ensemble perform 48 selections (detailed on Amazon).

Tunes of Glory, RAF and Royal Marines Bands, The Compact Selection. (July, 1991, Conifer). Includes 20 works, ten played by the Band of H. M. Royal Marines, ten by the Band of the RAF Southern Command.

Wild West Music of Buffalo Bill's Cowboy BandWild West Music of Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band, (American Brass Band; a product of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, WY).

I love how this CD is packaged! It's a work of art in itself. A complex folder that opens every which way, it holds a beautifully imprinted CD, two 24-page descriptive booklets, and a 10x14-inch folded replica of a Buffalo Bill promo poster.

Circus Music

Clown and Midway Calliope Music Vol. 1. (1994, Marion Roehl Recordings). Nineteen joyful selections that will make you feel young again!

Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 26 (2004 Whitmarsh Recordings). 18 selections played by the South Shore Concert Band conducted by Richard Whitmarsh. Includes 8-pg. color insert.

Sounds of the Circus, Vol. 27 (2004 Whitmarsh Recordings). Nineteen selections played by the South Shore Concert Band conducted by Richard Whitmarsh. Includes 8-pg. color insert.

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