Capture Ideas When They Come!

by Barbara Brabec

An excerpt from HOMEMADE MONEY: Starting Smart

Do you tend to be forgetful? No wonder! As home-business owners, we live simultaneously in two worldsóa personal world that may include a spouse, partner, children, aging parents and a host of community or personal responsibilities, and the world of business we have created in some part of our home. If we forget to do something, people may think we're absent-minded. But that's not it at all. It s simply that our brains are so full of ideas and so fragmented by the weight of our many two-world responsibilities that we sometimes get our mental wires crossed. Experts advise us to hire out the housecleaning, get a baby sitter and stick to business, but the reality but the reality in the homes of most of the home business owners I know is that individuals generally do it all. If it's not a matter of money, it may simply be a matter of choice.

The "Power of the Shower"

Entrepreneurial-minded folks are never out of reach of paper and pen for jotting down brainstorms in the kitchen, on the night stand in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom where, it is rumored, some of the most creative home-business thinking and learning takes place. Diane Wolverton once wrote a marvelous editorial for her newsletter (now out of print) about the "power of the shower." A shower," she said, "provides the right conditions to get your creative mind into full gear. First, it's relaxing and soothing. Second, it's private time--no phones, no kids, no clients, no pressure to be anything but yourself. And third, the running water is full of negative ions, which have a positive influence on us."

In checking with other writers and business people, Diane learned she wasn't the only one who got bursts of inspiration in the shower. Instead of waiting for those bursts of inspiration, she began to schedule them, taking her problems into the shower for resolution. In a "Nekkid Notes Notebook" kept in the bathroom, she began to record all her great ideas, solutions and brainstorms that came out of her little steam room.

"My shower is my own private idea-generating chamber," she reported. "I've written poems in there, organized conferences, planned meetings, written chapters for my book, rehearsed important conversations and scampered out dripping and cold to jot down just the perfect headline for an ad."

Can you, too, do some of your best work stark naked? "Try it," Diane urges. "You'll be amazed."

Copyright © 2000-2013 by Barbara Brabec

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