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by Barbara Brabec
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Change is Part of the Picture

An excerpt from HOMEMADE MONEY

by Barbara Brabec

The most successful homebased businesses today are those that are built around a good idea backed by a lifetime of acquired skills, working experience and common-sense knowledge coupled, of course, with a commitment to the concepts of business and marketing.

Whether you are already in business or still groping for a profitable idea, your feelings about your chances for success are likely to run hot and cold as you continue to progress in your homebased business. That's because everything in life, including business, is connected to something else, and whenever one thing changes, a lot of other things change, too.

Thus your "business picture" is going to shift each time you gain new knowledge or perspective, and it will continue to shift throughout the life of your business as you acquire new information and gain entrepreneurial experience and business contacts.

Your choice of a business and your chances for success in it will be strongly influenced by such changeable factors as your personal lifestyle, financial situation, age, amount of business experience or education, your level of ambition, your professional attitude, your health and the amount of support you receive from family and friends.

Your choice of both business and marketing methods will also be affected by where you live (urban or rural area) and by the economy in your particular area (affluent or economically depressed). At this very moment, things are changing in the economy that could affect the marketability of your present business or budding idea. A new technological advance could just as easily render it obsolete as increase its potential a hundredfold. And just as some businesses are made extinct by technology, the social and economic changes now occurring will prompt a need for many new kinds of businesses. Implant these thoughts in your mind as you launch a new enterprise or become more deeply involved in your present venture:

Nothing stays the same.

Remain flexible.

Go with the flow.

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