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      Barbara Brabec's classic HOMEMADE MONEY books
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      Starting Smart & Bringing in the Bucks

2017 NOTE: These books—in print for 25 years and constantly revised and updated through the years—are badly outdated now, but the publisher has never officially declared them out of print, so I'm leaving this page simply because each of these books contain a wealth of TIMELESS general business management and marketing advice from Barbara and the many business pros and experts who contributed to it. Home-business beginners will get a lot of value from one of the inexpensive used copies available on Amazon.

Just as it takes only one good recipe from a cookbook to make its purchase worthwhile, you may find that just one great idea, tip, or marketing secret in one of these classic but aged business books will prove priceless to you.

"Fantastic . . .Stunning . . . Inspirational!"

That's what reviewers and readers alike called earlier editions of Barbara's Homemade Money™ book. With this latest update, the content could no longer be contained in just one book. The result is an ALL-NEW, GREATLY EXPANDED TWO-VOLUME EDITION that reflects the changing face of homebased business in the new century.

Now with more than 128,000 copies in print, this new edition has the unusual distinction of being TWO NEW BOOKS WITH A TRACK RECORD! Look for them in your local bookstore or library, or click below to order them online from Amazon.

Note: The phrase, "Homemade Money," has gained common-law trademark status through the years and may not legally be used by others.

6 x 9" format, HC,
382 pgs., $24.95

If you are looking for income that can be earned at home, this book is your key to success . . . your "Open Sesame" to the  home-business industry and your opportunities in it!

for Home-Business Beginners:
(Vol. 1 of the two-volume ed.)

Homemade Money:
Starting Smart!

How to Turn Your Talents, Experience, and
Know-How into a Profitable
Homebased Business
That's Perfect for You!

Here's the ultimate idea book and business generator for people who want to earn money from home. Don't start without it!

With an emphasis on how to begin with practically no money at all, this book explains how to turn existing talents, experience, and know-how into a profitable business that can be operated at or from home base. 


An encyclopedic A-to-Z "Crash Course" in Home-Business Basics

Business idea charts, checklists, and brainstorming strategies

Outlines for business, financial, and marketing plans

Stimulating how-they-did-it success stories

Dozens of SMART TIPS and cautionary notes to keep you out of trouble!

Hundreds of Web links and other resources to help you get started in

You will learn HOW TO:

Avoid homework scams and "get rich quick" schemes

Profit from a lifetime of know-how and experience

Turn "unemployment" into "self-employment"

Successfully (and legally) launch a business on or off the Web

Use the latest computer technology in your business

Price products and services for maximum profit

Blend business into your lifestyle

Efficiently manage time and stress

Don’t start your business without this "bible" as your guide! Like a roadmap, it will lead you straight to your most practical and profitable homebased income options, firing your imagination in a way that no other make-money-at-home book has done before!


6 x 9" format, HC,
382 pgs., $24.95

This companion to Starting Smart is a powerful success tool for both new and long-established home-business owners  – truly a "survival guide" for today’s economy!

for Established Businesses:
(Vol. 2 of the two-volume ed.)

Homemade Money:
Bringing in the Bucks!

A Business Management and
Marketing Bible for Home-Business
Owners, Self-Employed Individuals,
and Web Entrepreneurs
Working from Home Base

Already engaged in a homebased business? Assure greater personal and financial success with this comprehensive management, marketing, and business diversification guide.

This companion to Starting Smart will be of immeasurable value to both new and long-established home-business owners and other self-employed individuals who want to increase sales and profits through better business management, marketing, and diversification strategies.


An encyclopedic A-to-Z "Crash Course" in Home-Business Management

Marketing methods and SMART TIPS of successful entrepreneurs

Tax, legal and financial advice and tips from accountants and attorneys; 

Hundreds of Web links and other resources to advance your growing business.

You will learn HOW TO:

Solve lack of time, space, money, and help problems

More efficiently balance management and marketing tasks

Market with little or no money using publicity and low-cost ad options

Develop successful follow-up marketing strategies

Do business on the World Wide Web

Diversify or expand any product or service business you may operate

Move into consulting, teaching, writing, or publishing (print or electronic)

Manage stress, fight burnout, and reevaluate your current situation

Starting a business is easy compared to successfully growing it once it's up and running. Even those in business for 20 years or more will benefit from the special tips and ideas shared by nearly a hundred pros in the author's network.

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