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Here I am on my 80th birthday in March 2017. It has been a long time since I've been as happy and healthy as I am today.

AS I REPORTED TO MY Brabec Bulletin subscribers this past April, after two years on my new eating plan I'd lost 50 pounds, which equated to seven inches on my waist, belly, and hips with related changes in the wrist, arm, and leg measurements.

I haven't counted a single calorie in nearly seven months and I've maintained my weight, even though I've often cheated on holidays and other special occasions. Because my new healthier way of eating is now fully ingrained in my brain, I know I'm not likely to regain the weight I've lost.

Because I'm now three sizes smaller and weigh what I did in 1976, I've had fun "shopping in my trunk" and pulling out several favorite garments from that eraall in like-new condition and so basic theyre still in style. 

I plan on trying to shed more weight in 2018. I just couldn't focus on weight loss this year because I needed to give all my time and attention to finishing the new biography and memoir I've just published on Amazon. Check it out here.

Tired of Being Fat?

How to Finally Lose
that Unwanted Weight

by Barbara Brabec
Posted January, 2016 - Updated 11/24/17


WHEN I JOINED WEIGHT WATCHERS online on April 27, 2015, I weighed an embarrassing 240 pounds. By adhering to this program's guidelines and then "doing it my way," Id lost 32 pounds by the end of the year, and I did it without going to any motivational/support meetings and without using Weight Watcher (WW) recipes, which dont work for me for a number of reasons.

I left the online program at the end of December because I could no longer justify paying the $19.95 monthly fee when the only thing Id ever done online was to use the sites points calculator tool. By then, however, I no longer needed WW because Id learned everything I needed to know to continue this eating plan on my own. More important, Id written my own "Weight Watchers Points Bible" of every food item I normally eat plus every ingredient I use in cooking and baking so I could calculate my lifetime collection of favorite recipes with WW points.

By using my own recipes and continuing to eat the wide variety of foods I've been enjoying on the WW eating plan, I'm confident that Ill continue to lose pounds and inches until I reach my target weight and be able to maintain it as long as I live. For me, it's no longer a matter of wanting to do this, but needing to do it to remain independent in my older age.

This is a long article, so Ive divided it up into helpful sections and spread it over four pages. The following T/C will link you to individual sections below and on the following pages, each of which has a link to bring you back to this page:

My Decades Long Weight Loss Struggle
The Point Beyond Which I Refused to Go
Selecting a Diet That's Right for You
Cooking from Scratch
Creating a Nutrition Reference Handbook
Starting Your Own Diet Recipe Books
Insight on the New Weight Watchers Program
What It Takes to Stay on a Diet
My List of Favorite Food Treats
Clothing Challenges During Weight Loss


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