"While this book is geared toward art, craft, and writing businesses in its instructional examples, there are a lot of good tips that can be gleaned by any small business owner. Throughout the book, Barbara uses plenty of real life examples and comments from people successfully working SOHO. It's like being able to pick the brains of small business persons everywhere." - Boogiejack's Almost A Newsletter

"Barbara Brabec, known as the craft business guru, never fails to deliver. If you're trying to grow your crafting business, you should read Make It Profitable. Where else can you get 1200 years of experience for only $16.95? That's right. She picks the brains of 83 artists who collectively have racked up 1200 years of experience. Not only do they share their wisdom of 'been there, done that,' but more importantly, they inspire."
- Shirley  Thomas, Craft Sayings

". . . filled with advice on how to design and package new products, improve production methods, solve pricing problems, use computer technology effectively, manage one’s time, and keep one’s personal and business life in perspective. It just doesn’t get much better than this in a single volume." - Alan Caruba, Bookviews 

"Not only does this new book offer some great advice, I really liked how it was collected. Each (topic) is presented as a networking session, so everyone is actually talking and discussing chosen topics as if they are all together on a forum. All the contributors, as well as the author, provide tons of great advice."
 - Tammy Powley,  Jewelrymaking,

"I found the technology tips very useful. But what I really liked most about this book is that you get to read insights related by craft persons who have found and shared ways they have used to improve craft business profitability. The book is packed with advice you can use today." - James Dillehay,


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by Barbara Brabec
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Make It Profitable!

How to Make Your ART, CRAFT,
DESIGN, WRITING or PUBLISHING Business More Efficient, More Satisfying,
and More Profitable!

by Barbara Brabec

7 x 9" paperback, 336 pages
 $16.95 (M. Evans & Co.)

A Selection of Book-of- the-Month's  
Crafter's Choice
Book Club &
Country Homes & Gardens Book Club

The first and only book of its kind . . . an intimate and revealing look at how creative people live and work at home.  Unlike the author's other business books, this one places heavy emphasis on computer technology and related products and the different ways creative people are using them to manage their businesses and increase productivity, sales and profits.

Designed to help bring art/craft businesses into the 21st century, Make It Profitable reflects more than 80 different personalities and individual voices of men and women who are devoted to their work and the idea of making money from their creative hands and minds. As a group, these individuals have more than 1200 years of business experience! You will benefit mightily from their wise counsel and keen insight into today's ever-growing arts and crafts marketplace!

In each of the book's thirteen "networking sessions," these savvy business owners speak frankly about the problems they are having, the solutions they are finding, and what it's really like to run a crafts business at home. As you "listen in" to these fascinating conversations, you'll feel like you're among friends who have gathered in your living room to chat about business.

Make It Profitable includes their special tips, business insight and lessons learned from years of selling art and craft products, publications and services. Rounding out the book is the author's own home-business experience and perspective on the crafts industry.

This Book features:

13 Unique "Networking Sessions"
 Helpful Checklists
 48 Informative Sidebars
 60 Illustrations and Photos
 Selected business resources

Fourteen chapters stress the importance of:

 Learning to accept and use the latest technology
  Making changes to advance one's business
  Getting a handle on profit
  Making business plans and setting goals
  Improving business management techniques
  Communicating more efficiently and cost-effectively
  Managing time through better organization
  Developing better designs and packaging
  Speeding production methods
  Analyzing costs and pricing methods
  Keeping everything in perspective