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Barbara Brabec's Christmas Card


This photo was taken in 2008 as I was in the process of taking down my big Christmas tree, which I hadn't been able to decorate for several years. So this was my cat's first introduction to glitter and fluffy stuff, and while I thought she might pull tinsel off the tree, she never bothered anything. But she delighted in curling up UNDER the tree (see below). During the undecorating process, I was placing ornaments on the table and Charlee was watching the whole process very intently. Knowing she can't resist anything new and soft to lie on, I folded some of the white cotton padding on the floor while I was working, and she immediately curled up on it.

Later, nearly done, I put that folded cotton on the dining room table along with some decorations I still needed to put away. I was out of the room for awhile, and when I came back in, there she was—curled up on it and refusing to look at me.

Now you need to understand that when I brought Charlee home from the Humane Society, I had trained her to stay off the dining room table and other places I didn't want her to jump on, and she was very good about minding me. Until this particular day when I put "her" piece of cotton paddingon the table. Any cat owner will understand the silent message she sent me with the look I captured in the above photo. It very clearly said:

"When this white stuff was on the floor, you said it was okay to curl up on it. So now itís on the table and I figure I can STILL lie on it, even though I KNOW Iím not supposed to be on the table.  But then, I'm not ON the table. I'm on this white stuff. Right?Ē

I had a good laugh that day and figured I couldn't argue with this kind of cat logic. So I posed a few of the remaining ornaments on the table and snapped this picture for my collection of Charlee pics, and I hope it makes you smile.

Barbara Brabec's cat at Christmastime
Barbara Brabec's CHristmas Cat

This area gets the afternoon sun, so this quickly became one of Charlee's favorite beds in December.


May your Christmases always be filled with blessings
that go far beyond the usual gifts.




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