Barbara Brabec's classic
tax strategies guide, How to Maximize Schedule C Deductions
and Cut Your Self-Employment Taxes to the bone!

This eBook is updated annually in late June for publication on Amazon on or about July 15.

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I WROTE THIS BOOK to help home business owners save money on their taxes—this year and every year in the future.

The strategies in this eBook are ones I've successfully used throughout the life of my own business. They have enabled me to keep THOUSANDS of dollars of business profit that would otherwise have gone to the IRS. They will surely work for YOU, too.

In Publication Since 1995

THIS TIMELESS TAX GUIDE is one that I have been selling since 1995, first as a print book, then as a PDF eBook, and now as a much more affordable eBook. Its content is updated each year to reflect any changes in tax laws that may affect Schedule C filers in the current tax year. In recent years, the text has rarely changed because Schedule C tax laws have remained the same for many years.

All links in the Resource Chapter are checked for accuracy before a new current year's edition is published, but things change daily on the Web, so expect that a link or two may go bad between now and publication of the next edition.

Selected Reviews on Amazon:

Great Review of Potential Deductions . . . Overall, a great read filled with pearls of wisdom about an often overlooked aspect of income tax reimbursement. Brabec's text provides a unique fulcrum for the individual taxpayer to regain financial leverage come April 15th." - Kelly Bosch

"This is a great book. The references are especially useful. Barbara makes you feel very comfortable with dealing with your expenses and she encourages you to take what is yours when it comes to deductions. I would buy this book again and recommend to others." - Mike "Friend"

"All Home Business Owners Should Buy This Book. Brabec explains in simple, clear words (no legalese or bureaucratic doublespeak!) the many legal tax deductions that home-business owners (and sometimes even their tax preparers!) often don't know about or just don't clearly understand."
   - Paula J. Y. Wirfel

More reviews from satisfied readers:

" . . .a treasure-trove of savvy tips and unusual strategies to save self-employed folks tons of unnecessary taxes."
- Marilyn Ross, author of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing

"Do NOT start (or continue!) a homebased business until you read this book."
-  Diana Ratliff, Business Card Design

"Whether new to the world of home-based income, or in the game for a long time, you will benefit from this book as you plan for a successful business."
- Steve Maurer, Maurer Copywriting


". . . an eBook that pays for itself many times over in helping small business owners take advantage of tax deductions they might otherwise never know about. All of Barbara Brabecís books are excellent and extremely well researched. This eBook [...] is far and away one of the best on this subject youíll find anywhere."
     - Ideamann7777


How to Get a Handle on Your Schedule C Deductions and Work with an Accountant. Waiting until the last minute in April to think about your tax situation is a BIG mistake. Companion article to Barbara's tax strategies eBook.

"Brabec has long been known as a motherlode of information." -  New Business Opportunities

"Barbara Brabec knows more about how to run a successful home-based business than anyone in the nation." - Alan Caruba, Bookviews


This money-saving eBook will enable you to cut your self-employment taxes to the bone—not only THIS year, but for years to come. Add it to your business eBook collection now!

This could be the best little financial investment you'll make this year!!


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Barbara Brabec's Classic Tax Strategies Guide
for Self-employed Individuals
Working at or From Home Base

What Your Accountant Will Never Tell You!

NOTE: The 2018 edition of this book includes the latest information about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reform and how it affects Schedule C filers. It features a totally updated and enlarged RESOURCE CHAPTER with 150 links to the best information from leading tax experts, accountants, and attorneys who discuss various Schedule C tax deductions in great detail—INFORMATION you can trust!


If you need DETAILED,  CLEAR INFORMATION on how to legally shelter thousands of dollars of business income from self-employment and federal taxes this year and EVERY year in the future ...

Here's the ebook that explains dry IRS instructions in a down-to-earth and often amusing way, providing information your accountant or tax preparer will never volunteer (and in some cases may not even know). In fact, this book is likely to answer questions you didn't even know you had.

Current Year's Edition for U.S. Taxpayers

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It's not how much you can MAKE in a business of your own . . . but how much you can legally KEEP out of the hands of the IRS!


"As a consultant and publisher, I am confronted almost daily by 'entrepreneurs' who don't have any idea where the point of profit really begins. Small businesses . . . will benefit from any and all of the information contained in this must-read book. It's humorous, entertaining, and chock full of Tax Tips and information to help you improve your bottom line." ~ W. R. "Bill" Ronay, A Step Ahead, Ltd.

Once the April 15 return is filed each year, many Schedule C filers stop thinking about taxes for several months, perhaps waiting until November or the last week of December before frantically trying to think of things they can do, or payments they can make or delay to maximize tax savings for the current tax year. But tax planning is something you should be doing all year long, and NOW is always a good time to consider new strategies you might implement to help you cut the amount of self-employment (SE), federal, and state taxes you will have to pay on this year's business profits.

But the savvy tax tips and strategies in this eBook aren't just going to save you money on the current year's taxes. Once you understand the money-saving CONCEPTS in this ebook, you will be able to cut your self-employment taxes for years to come. In fact, I have used these same strategies in my own home business to legally shelter thousands of dollars of business profits from self-employment taxes while cutting federal and state taxes as well.

The problem for most home business owners is that their accountants or tax advisers rarely (if ever) remind them about deductions they might be overlooking, or money-saving tax strategies they might implement. Always overworked at tax time, they just work with the figures they are given.

That's why it's so important to make sure you haven't overlooked any of the MANY LEGAL DEDUCTIONS you can take on your annual Schedule C tax form . . .

AND . . . that you understand how different tax strategies can lower your overall taxes even more, year after year.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT: How to avoid IRS pitfalls that could cost you a bundle if you're ever audited.


What can you deduct on Schedule C? (You may be amazed to see how many deductions you didn't know you could take.)

As a home-business owner or other self-employed individual who works at or from home base, you're entitled to ALL of the deductions listed below.

And you'll find clear and detailed discussions of each of them in this unique money-saving guide, including:

Information about any new tax law changes for the current tax year that affect Schedule C filers;

 A checklist of 79 Schedule C tax deductions, many of which are discussed at length in the book, with instructions on how to calculate and claim each deduction. (Preview the list here.)

 DETAILS about 20 deductions often overlooked by home business owners;

  A CLEAR explanation of the "Home-Office Deduction" and why one should not be fearful of taking it, with a discussion of 11 categories of indirect and direct tax-deductible home-office expenses and how to calculate them;

   Tips on which home-related "outside expenses" you can and cannot deduct on Schedule C;

   Tax-wise strategies for hiring your spouse or children to help with your business;

   The financial dangers of using independent contractors (ICs), and the states with "homework laws" that disallow the hiring of ICs to make products in their own home (of vital concern to art/craft/sewing/knitting/needlework-related businesses);

   Other options for hiring outside help to avoid running afoul of the IRS or Labor Department;

 29 Special TIPS throughout the text that highlight special tax strategies, IRS pitfalls, and better ways to track or substantiate deductible expenses;

   Tax lessons learned the hard way by some of Barbara's readers, and how you can avoid the pitfalls they encountered;

PLUS . . . More than a 150 Web links to reliable tax information and explanatory articles that will save you COUNTLESS HOURS of research time and answer questions you didn't even know you had . . . including many articles related to the new TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT reform which will be in place from 2018-2025).

"I doubt if most accountants will clue you in to all the deductions mentioned in Barbara Brabec's ebook. And if they did, your eyes would be rolling up in confusion. Brabec has been coaching small business owners for years and knows how we think and what we need to know that matters most to our bottom lines. Highly recommended for any business owner."  ~ James Dillehay, co-author of Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing


Medical reimbursement plans for the self-employed under the new Health Care Reform law (how to Deduct 100 percent of your family's out-of-pocket medical expenses and insurance on your Schedule C form—without incorporating, without buying a new insurance policy, and with a minimum of paperwork);

A little-known Social Security problem affecting married women who file taxes jointly with their husbands but use a different name;

Why you should think twice before making your spouse a partner in your business instead of an employee (another financial pitfall you can avoid);

The tax complications when you depreciate your house (and why/when you'll be penalized if you take the home office deduction but do NOT take a deduction for depreciation);

How to figure the business usage of your home;

How to maintain a separate business checking account when there is very little cash to put in the bank;

Why you should not fear an IRS audit simply because you take the Home Office Deduction;

Why you must be careful about who you hire to do your tax return—and why you shouldn't try to do your own home-business return.

Don't wait until the last minute at tax time to start looking for additional deductions when you can do it now:

Identify and grab overlooked Schedule C deductions for the current tax year . . .

Put new strategies in place to maximize deductions for next year and beyond.

Over the years, several accountants and tax experts have verified the accuracy of the information and advice in this book, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you're operating safely while also taking advantage of the wealth of LEGAL tax deductions available to every home-business owner and self-employed individual.


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