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"WRITING THIS BOOK about the life of my mother and her legacy to our family has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my entire writing life," says Barbara. For the rest of this little story, read "From the Author" on the book's landing page.

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OF COURSE THERE'S A STORY behind this Online Photo Album for Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories, now available on Amazon.

When I first began this book, my plan was to publish an eBook edition first so I could include a large number of photos. Now a picture inserted here and there is easy, but putting a huge number of them in an eBook can be very tricky. Because I found it so challenging to figure out how to optimize and properly size photos for eBooks—given that all eBook readers see images differently on various devices—I decided to do a print edition of the book first.

I was comfortable doing my own book design and typesetting, but it was a bit challenging to learn how to optimize photos for print publication and then master getting photos into tables of a book written in MS Word. Rather than insert pictures here and there throughout the book, I decided to include 46 photos on five section divider pages and a few other pages of the text. Somewhere along the line, I got the idea of creating an online photo album that could incorporate a lot of pictures from the family's digital collections.

Although these pages were designed with family, friends, and book readers in mind, I think even those with no interest in reading the book will enjoy looking at these photo pages. In fact, they might spark ideas for those who have websites or blogs of their own.

Life is just one story after another, and Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories is all about family stories, some of which may mirror your own life journey. Captions under each photo in this online family photo album tell little stories that provide insight into the lives of the four generations of my family that readers will meet in the book.

Interesting How Life Changes Us

I'VE ALWAYS FOUND IT INTERESTING to see how people look as they grow from childhood to old age, and in this photo gallery you'll see images of every member of my family at different stages of life. Take me, for example. I was a cute little baby, but a gangly teenager with glasses. I developed some poise as I grew older, began to wear contact lenses, and became a musical entertainer (a brief career). As a married woman for nearly 44 years, I gradually grew fatter with a husband who loved my cooking as much as I did. Now I'm fifty pounds lighter as a result of my Weight Watchers diet and much healthier.

As I was creating this photo album, I was reminded of how our life choices affect our health and appearance as we age. For example, my parents were healthy and good-looking in their youth, but they both started smoking as kids, and that, coupled with how physically hard they always had to work to make a living, took a lot out of them. Both of them eventually died from emphysema and congestive heart failure. Caveat emptor . . .

I hope you enjoy browsing through his online family photo album because I sure had fun designing it.  

This photo gallery includes several albums. To view them in sequence by years, start where indicated below. That page and each page thereafter links to the next page of photos that pictorially document Marcella's life with William J. (Bill) Schaumburg. You'll see photos of their parents and grandparents along with me and my sisters as we were growing up in the town of Buckley, Illinois.

The last page in this linked-series of family photos (Buckley) will guide you to the remaining photo pages of family pets, antiques, arts, crafts, and collectibles, etc., or you can go directly to any photo album page that is linked to below.

Online Photo Album Pages

START HERE -> Marcella's Family
Emory D. and Olivine Williams

Bill and Marcella Schaumburg
Courtship, Marriage, and Farming years

The Schaumburg Family
in Buckley, Illinois

Building a House and Business and
Raising Three Daughters in the 50s

Work and Family Challenges
in the 60s and 70s

Bill and Marcella's Last Years

Life in Buckley, Illinois
Flashback to the Fifties and
its 2006 Sesquicentennial

Standalone Photo Pages

Bill's Garage Memorabilia

Family Antiques and Keepsakes

Four-Generation Family Tree

Yellowstone National Park in 1959

The following pages are still a work in progress. Thanks for your patience as I work to finish this major website project. - Barbara

Family Pets
Art, Crafts, & Collectibles
(Including paper memorabilia from the 1900s)

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