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Attention Writers!

Are you interested in writing and self-publishing a memoir about your family, a time in your life that was life-changing for you, or maybe a self-help book or novel? The following pages on Barbara Brabec's World will give you much to think about. 

Visit Barbara's Writing and Publishing department to find several articles that offer writer's tips, answer questions about the differences in formatting a book manuscript for a print book vs. an eBook, and explain the different ways to self-publish any kind of book. In particular, read "How to Self-Publish a Book."

Note Barbara's  telephone consulting service for authors who need a little hand-holding to get started, or references to associates who do affordable cover design, typesetting, and eBook conversions.

A book manuscript critiquing service is also available. Making sure the content of your book is well structured is a wise first-step before having your book edited.

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How to Write a Good Memoir. How a particular book helped Barbara write her first biographical memoir, and how it might help you write a family memoir too.

Knowing Someone Like a Book. This article asks, "How well do you know the person you love most?"

Life Writing. What has life taught you that you might write a book about? This article explains how the writing of her late husband's biography changed and enriched Barbara's life. (Similar lessons were learned in the process of writing the memoir about her mother.)

Success Tips for Beginning Writers and Would-Be Authors. How Barbara got started as a writer, with practical tips and resources for success.

ARTICLES Table of Contents

THIS DEPARTMENT is a work in progress. In addition to feature articles by Barbara on special-interest topics related to the book's subject matter, it will also include little rest-of-the-story tales and information that couldn't be included in Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories. If you're interested in any of these topics, you'll find this book of special interest. Order your copy here.

Childhood Amnesia: Lost Memories of a Paper Doll Collection. Barbara writes nostalgically about a paper doll collection she didn't remember she had as a child, and ties this discussion into the realities of "childhood amnesia," and why most people can't remember childhood memories that happened in a very early age. This article includes a PDF photo document of some vintage paper dolls in Barbara's collection.

A Family Memoir's Impact on One's Extended Family. By putting a copy of Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories into the hands of three of Marcella's relatives in Ohio who I've never met as an adult, the writing originally intended only for her daughters and brother is now blessing the children and grandchildren of those relative. 











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