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Table of Contents for
Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories

Chapters with a hyperlink  take the reader to a page of photos relating to that chapter of the book.


PART ONE: Marcella’s Upbringing and Marriage (1904–1935)

Chapter 1: A Farm Family’s Life in the Twenties
Chapter 2: The Birth of a Writer
Chapter 3: Teaching: A Career Goal in the Thirties
Chapter 4: A Love Story Unfolds in Bill’s Letters

PART TWO: Marcella and Bill—Work and Family (1935–1968)

Chapter 5: Farming with Calluses and No Cash
Chapter 6: Building a House and Business a Little at a Time
Chapter 7: Changing Jobs, Raising Kids, Exploring the Country
Chapter 8: Entrepreneur and Empty Nester

PART THREE: Marcella’s New Work and Challenges (1968–1981)

Chapter 9: Back to School for a New Career at 55
Chapter 10: Living Life with Serene Acceptance
Chapter 11: Making Hard Decisions and Lasting Memories
Chapter 12: Marcella’s Revealing Diaries
Chapter 13: A Day in the Life of Nurse Marcella

PART FOUR: Marcella’s Last Years (1982–1992)

Chapter 14: The Long Goodbye
Chapter 15: Remembering a Sweet Daddy
Chapter 16: A Lonely House without Bill
Chapter 17: Dealing with Grief and Life Losses
Chapter 18: Years Dwindling Down to a Precious Few
Chapter 19: A Glorious Send-Off

PART FIVE: The Rest of the Story (Present Day)

Chapter 20: Reprise
Chapter 21: Buckley, Illinois: A Good Place to Live
Chapter 22: Marcella’s Wit and Wisdom
Chapter 23: Legacy for Three Daughters
Chapter 24: Backstory: Digging for Details

Afterword: On the Importance of Letters
Three Sisters’ Bios
Family Tree
Author’s Website and Contact Information

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