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"Barbara Brabec is one of the most unexpected surprises I have ever found on the Internet. To me she was an absolute gift from God who has done nothing but bend over backwards to help me not only through the editing process, but also the publishing of my book. Her knowledge and experience far surpass anything I expected and the quality of her work is excellent to say the least. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from her and she has certainly been instrumental in helping me find my way through the intense and oftentimes overwhelming world of book publishing. But more than being an editor and publishing expert, Barbara has now also become a very dear friend to me who I trust and value greatly. There is no one else I would want to work with for my future books and certainly no one else I know that would put as much heart and soul into my projects as Barbara does. She is a rare find indeed!" - Tandy-Lynn Williams, author of The Truth About Us—The Gospel as You've Never Heard it Before, the first book in the "Hand of Healing" series published by BMG Link Ministries

"When I first began my search for some editing/self-publishing help, my burdened concern was Who can I trust? After reviewing a few grandiose self-publishing, editing, promoting, package deal, bells-and-whistles websites, I fell upon the source I have known, trusted, and used all my life: prayer. A critical part of my plea was, I can’t afford to make a mistake here.
I don’t remember the exact keywords I used to search for a book editor, but on the first search page (and I rarely go past the first page in any investigation), I read something that caught my attention in a very direct way. When I clicked on it, I was in the middle of Barbara Brabec’s website. There were things she said and expressed in her “How to Self-Publish a Book” page that truly connected with me. Not only was this the first personal site I went to, because of how I was affected by it, it was the only site I went to. All further inclinations took flight. I searched no more. Somehow I knew this was who I needed to do business with.
    "All my fears were laid to rest after a pleasing phone exchange and following correspondence. With an obvious attraction to mercy cases, Barbara graciously helped to put me on a path of accuracy and acceptable writing habits that made better sense by way of her tenacious tutoring. She is a wealth of experience and prose who can’t help herself—beware of lengthy email assignments—you’ll have your work cut out for you, too. But the outcome is a rewarding rubric you’ll not find included with so many other editing services; a personal, permanent benefit to be sure!
    "Not only was my prayer answered, but Barbara Brabec has become a trusted, irreplaceable friend and colleague whom I am blessed to have. She takes more upon herself than what she should in behalf of the client--she makes me want to be a better writer. And I thank you for that, My Lady." - Mark McCall, author of The Adventures of Tibby, Nature’s Awesome Extraterrestrial Guardian and Book Two, Tibby and the Haunting of Beggar's Swamp

"Barbara puts her whole heart and mind into helping authors be at their best. Her considerable technical knowledge and skill at editing (grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc.) is equaled by her experience and wisdom at navigating the worlds of authorship and publishing. As important for me, she understood the 'what and how' of the ideas I was attempting to communicate and the best way to do so. For example, she helped with clarifying and shortening complex sentences with more concise, less awkward wording. And, it's a blessing that her rates are so reasonable for such quality services. I have little doubt she could improve my communication of this endorsement." - Michael Dinius, author of Targeting Teamwork: How Bosses and Other Performance Managers Can Build and Sustain Team and Organizational Excellence (Performance Management Consulting, Kindle and Smashwords editions)

"Barbara did an extraordinary job with the manuscript critique and editing of Return to Order. Her knowledge of books and her sincere love for America was evidenced by something that transcended professional ability—a devotion to the task of making our book more coherent, readable, and relevant. This is something money cannot buy. She has the rare ability to see the details while keeping in view the book's overall perspective. We are especially grateful for her suggestion for a new and revised conclusion. We took her advice, rewrote the conclusion, and are so happy we did. Finding Barbara was providential."
- John Horvat II, author of Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go, The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property—TFP (York Publishers)

"Barbara Brabec was extremely helpful in her editing and proofreading of my book, Two Groves of Trees. Her corrections and suggestions were very valuable in helping me clarify certain sections of my writing. Barbara is very professional, yet friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her!" - Linda Winter-Hodgson, Two Groves of Trees: A Story of Love and Second Chances (privately published)

"I felt as though I had struck gold when I found Barbara Brabec on the Internet. I was pleasantly surprised to find a helpful, friendly voice at the other end of the phone, someone I felt quite comfortable to talk to, even though at that point, I did not know squat about the editing process. I knew right off the bat that I had hooked up with a winner. Barbara led me through the editing process with an extra dose of patience since she had to teach me what my part of the editing would consist of.
     "Barbara is a grammatically exceptional editor, which was a big plus for me. She is very knowledgeable and professional at what she does, is accurate, timely, consistent, and a true gift to those who need her services. She is also very affordable. I thank God that I found her and I am completely satisfied with her services." - Faith Stoddard, author of My Life With Tourette Syndrome: Just a "Tic" Away from Divine Intervention (Amazon Digital Services)

“There is an old saying—'God moves in mysterious ways’—that couldn’t be truer than in my literary world. When He brought Barbara into my life years ago, I did not know a hanging participle from a curse word. With candor, professionalism, and great skill, Barbara has successfully guided me through the writing, editing, and publishing process of two books. I say this with bluntness; I could not have done it without her. 
    "Through the years, Barbara has become like a fine wine that gets better with age. She is constantly updating her skills by investigating, researching, and painstakingly learning new things for her repertoire, and she always gives her clients the best service money can buy.” – Shawn Smith, author and publisher of God’s Truth or the Liberal Lie: America at the Crossroads, and Find Happiness! How to Fill the Void in Your Life by Looking, Feeling, and Living Better (Knight for Christ Publishing)

"I could not be more pleased with the editing process guided by the well-qualified wisdom and experience of Barbara. She provided in-depth comments that demonstrated a wealth of knowledge of the complete writing and editing process. She was quick to provide me with resources that allowed me to research issues that she was concerned about, and also gave me in-depth instructions in the editing notes that she provided with each round of editing.
     She assisted me in determining how to write my copyright page and made me aware of how to check to see what the requirements were for using Bible verses. She is well versed in Bible knowledge and applies that knowledge for content editing as needed. She also suggested that I have my lead pastor write a foreword for my book to provide the reader with an understanding of my qualifications to write a book based on the writing of the Apostle Paul and some of his books of the Bible.
    She reworked my Table of Contents page and expressed concern about similar chapter titles which led to my rethinking the entire chapter-title concept. What resulted from that were new and improved chapter titles that clearly reflected the ‘journey’ within each chapter of the book.
    Barbara is an excellent Christian editor, so if you have a book with a Christian theme, I would recommend her services without reservation." - Lynn Dehnke, author of Meditate and Declare: A Journey with the Apostle Paul (Life Sentence Publishing, Kindle edition)

"Barbara Brabec is an expert editor, a heartfelt true friend as well as a person with vast medical knowledge as she continually knew how to keep my blood pressure in check during the editing of my memoir, Of Shadows and Footprints. All kidding aside, my book never would have come to fruition without her compassionately directed advice. She always allowed my voice to be prevalent, even when the Texas slang was dripping off the page. Hands down, I will always count on Barbara’s expertise going forward; that is, if she has the courage to work with me again." - Joe Bell, author of Shadows and FootprintsThe Memoir of a Man Who Spent Fifty Years Battling His Inner Demons (Kindle/Smashwords Editions (Joe Bell Publishing)

Editor's note: Joe is a good example of how my book critiquing service can result in a much better book and lower editing costs at the same time. See his comments about that here.

"Diligent Googling in search of help in publishing my first book led me to Barbara, and I'm happy to offer heartfelt words of praise for her editing service. Her friendliness and encouragement, combined with a firm hand applied to my writing, were exactly what I needed. I am grateful for her help, and will be working with her again in the future."
- Craig Copeland, ConservaWiki.com, author of 2012 Conservative Election Handbook

"Thank you for editing my book, Purpose-Centered Public Speaking. I could not be happier with the job you did. You have been much more than an editor through this long and arduous process. (A better title for you is editor/consultant.) I cannot count the number of times that heeding your wise counsel saved me time and money. In addition to doing a prompt and thorough job of editing, you made helpful suggestions and treated my book as if it was your own. As an independent publisher, you helped me navigate through the process and pointed me to people and resources that gave me great support along the way. Further still, you took considerable pains to help me to understand the reasons for your edits in the hope of helping me avoid repetitive mistakes. I can honestly say I learned more about the English language from you during this process than I did in school.
      "By the way, my book is doing super well. In just a few weeks it has risen quickly on Amazon’s rank chart. I'm convinced that your editing has a lot to do with that. I hope you will use this short note as my endorsement of your services. You were a joy to work with, and I feel like I received so much more than I paid you for. I have already outlined my next book, and I can't imagine working with another editor. When you have the best, why look elsewhere?” - Dr. Gary Rodriguez, author of Purpose-Centered Public Speaking and President of LeaderMetrix (Publisher)

"I'd like to offer you a huge thank you for your first-class editing work on my book. If I compare the current version with the one I sent you for editing, they are like chalk and cheese (as we say in England). Your editing of the text made the book much more readable, and the structural changes—the suggestion to bring the history together at the start of the book and the inclusion of sub-heads—added a new dimension. You have taken the book to a new and better place." - Peter Shirt, Ukraine, author of Among the Ukrainians (The Laundry Press)

"Barbara is not just an editor, but a friend who goes beyond the boundaries to help. Her direction is filled with sage advice and wisdom while still letting the writer's voice shine though. Barbara is a blessing." - Bryan West, CampAutism.org, author of Asperger's, God  and Me—Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Lulu)

"Every author needs an editor for help with many things—grammar, punctuation, spelling, and good sense. Barbara Brabec skillfully delivers accuracy in all these areas while preserving the author's voice, not an easy task. Her vast experience in business warned us about potential minefields in our content, saving us from trouble down the road. I highly recommend her keen editing services." - James Dillehay, publisher and co-author of Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing with Jay Levinson and Marcella Vonn Harting (Warm Snow Publishers)

"Wow! Barbara is everything you could hope for. Without a doubt, she enhanced my manuscript in immeasurable ways, and I'm deeply indebted to her for the magic she did with my latest book. Not only did she do an incredible job of editing, she became a friend in the short time we worked together. From now on, Barbara will edit everything I write. She's everything promised . . . and more." - Tim Olney, author of An Ordinary Box of Life (Leaderbrook Publications)

"Thank you for the excellent job you did in helping me refine my book, An Echo of Hope. Thanks to your abilities, my work that started out as a bundle of good thoughts and good intentions ended up a professionally crafted book. I am truly grateful! When I enlisted your services, I stated I was looking for a safety net. I wanted my work checked for simple errors. I looked to you to make sure the words were accurately used, presented in the right order, spelled correctly and punctuated properly. You went through my work and massaged away any mistakes. I was very impressed with your “eagle-eyed” ability to zoom in and notice any form difficulties (paragraph form, improper fonts, line and/or letter spacing troubles). I feel your editing job lifted my words up to an outstanding level." - C. Judy, author of Echo of Hope (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) 

"I am an author who has published two fiction books. I am able to come up with a good story, but when it came to writing it or putting it on paper I wasn't too good. To tell you the truth, I was terrible, my grammar and sentences needed some improvement. I was blessed with luck when I started to look for a consultant on the Internet to help me select the right publisher for my second book, thinking I was ready because I had a publisher willing to except the manuscript the way it was written. Well I was wrong. Some one up above must have heard my prayers because working with Barbara was the best thing I ever done. For a reasonable fee, she said she would edit my manuscript and look over the contract that the publisher sent me before I signed it. Thanks to her advice and help, I not only improved my story, but learned how to become a better writer and have one of the best publishers accept my manuscript. I thank God for reading her book and having her help me with my book. If you read her books or speak with her yourself, you would agree with me that you have struck gold." - Clodomiro Giraud Jr., author of The Witches of West End Avenue, New York (Booklocker)

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